I wanted to Understand What Happened SeeingIts Been 3 Years Since Katie Decided To Come Out To The World As Transgender We hear alot about Transgender a Woke society etc etc, A lot of people are confused or misinformed about what it is to be Trans and so I thought I would catch up with […]

A Very Talented, Entertaining and genuine Guy – So Who Is The Spice Guy   As you know I think we have a real issue with people cooking from scratch making good food for the body. The Spice Guy puts it lovely if you had a sports car you would put the best oil in […]

If You Are An Artist You Prob Need To Check This Out – We Decided To Enlisted The Help Of A&R and Publishing Guru “Sin Crawford” So we all saw the Gary Newman post that he only received £37 for 1million streams? Now we don’t profess to be experts in royalties A&R, even though we […]

One of the Biggest Issues facing world health is Processed food! – we’ve lost the ability to cook-   So let’s do something to change that on the station!   Hot the image to find Jacob on Facebook or FaceCook !   This being his first slot we got to know Jacob and also as […]

Chris from The Alternative show chats with Party Punk Band Idistroy   The released a new single on the 4th Dec and their new album  “We Are Girls” is out 12th Feb 2021   Riotous live shows are IDESTROY’s calling card. Since forming in 2015, the trio, who met as students in Bristol, have played more than […]

Chris the host of the Alternative show and Band member of Mosaic catches up with Matt from Haggardcat       With Covid19 preventing live gigs, a lot of bands have turned to produce albums and live stream events to bridge the gap. Chris finds out what Haggardcat had planned and how they have adapted […]

I Caught up with Keesha Jackson who played Wanda in the hit reality Tv show South Beach Tow   She appeared in the show for 3 seasons and was the on-screen wife of J Money   We talked about the projects she worked on and what’s up and coming, I also wanted to understand a […]

The Amazing Patrice Lovely- Hattie Mae Star of Stage, Screen & TV   We caught up and chatted to her about who she is whats she’s been in and where she is going. an amazing lady and extremely funny, she came in character which I was not expecting hey “Gone Get Ya Some”   Audio […]

I managed to interview Peter Donegan in 2019 when he was on the Voice UK, a very talented guy in his own right   Peter Donegan has just released his later track “Thank You Texas” When you have a famous dad people always want to know about him, I tried to not focus on him […]

Promoting the best in brand new music It’s our passion to bring you the very best in up and coming music and one of those artists we’ve been delighted to get to know better through our relationship with Puzzle Maker Studios is Ethan Dalton. Ethan launched his brand new E.P “The Perfect Inbetween” on May […]

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