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Duggystone Radio group

This is the Facebook "Group " for Duggystone Radio family of shows and pages Rules for this Group 1 Don't be a dick 2 Be Kind ........Always 3 Racist and Sexist behavouir will not be tolerated 4 We...


Peter Donegan releases new Single and I caught up with him in 2019 – the Interview Duggystone Radio

I managed to interview Peter Donegan in 2019 when he was on the Voice UK, a very talented guy in his own right   Peter Donegan has just released his later track “Thank You Texas” When you have a famous dad people always want to know about him, I tried to not focus on him […]


Shania Twain That Don’t Impress me much – Cover

Shania won’t be Impressed, 2 of our presenters with a lot of talent from Mosaic produced this in lockdown   Its a great cover and the Kazoo will its genius, within hours it hit over 1k views and looks like it’s going viral     Give it a watch, a like and a share as […]


Make you’re music Viral using Tiktok – duggystone radio

Artists are using Tiktok to realize some crazy streams as a result of their popularity on the platform Are you?     Here are some popular songs you’ll know that have seen massive success from Tik Tok   This is the first one that springs to mind its had 1.1bn streams on Spotify as a […]


Is The Album Dead – Duggystone Radio asks

IsĀ  The Album Dead ?, it’s an interesting question for us at Duggystone Radio, we’ve seen some changes recently that need to be investigated futher   Its interesting times we live in Musically, there will always be those that will buy albums, buy records in physical formate so lets get that out of the way […]

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Has Covid 19 Changed Things ?

The world Stopped and Had Time To Reflect But Will it Change Attitudes?   The corona Virus gave the world and opportunity to stop, reflect, and make a change.   The early signs are people just reverting back to pre lockdown.   it’s really sad to see what’s going with total regard to disposing of […]

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