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Duggystone Radio group

This is the Facebook "Group " for Duggystone Radio family of shows and pages Rules for this Group 1 Don't be a dick 2 Be Kind ........Always 3 Racist and Sexist behavouir will not be tolerated 4 We...


Losing Weight Can Be Confusing – let Fit as Fork – Forking make it Simple for ya

Low calorie, sins, low carb , high protein where do you possibly start?       I get people RESULTS…       People who are perhaps just not that into the gym but want to lose weight and get fitter… People who think they don’t have enough time to exercise and/or cook at home… […]


The First Coronavirus Free Radio Station – Duggystone Radio – doing things different

We decided A Few Weeks Ago To Become The First Corona Virus Free Radio Station! Why? Well we noticed everywhere we turned to; whether that was on the TV,  social media, and even our own news bulletins and many of our shows were constantly talking about the Coronavirus (Corvid-19). Yes, it’s important, yes people need […]


Podcasts Listeners to Top 100m in the USA by 2021 & advertising spent to hit $1bn

Podcasting has been around for 2 decades but why is it now set to keep growing at a fast rate in 2020 and beyond The Simple answer is smartphones, they are one of the biggest growth areas in consumption. Data prices continue to drop so it’s viable to consume a podcast on the move when […]


Have Amazon put another nail in DAB? Duggystone Radio Business Show

So is DAB going to go the same way as Records, the CD we think this is a genuinely serious proposal and could be a reality in the not to distant future   Its the topic of the business show and you can listen to the show on demand below anytime you like, just hit […]


Two Person Instagram Live Video : What you need to Know

Remember Two-Person Live Video on Facebook? Well its no longer an option on Facebook!, people are clambering to get access to the Teo person live video on Linked i. This function is on an application basis as we guess the folks at Linkedin want it to add value to the business community. There is an […]

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