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Corona Virus And Travel – How is The Virus Impacting The Industry

Howard Presenter of the 21st Century Interviewing A Travel Counsellor or on Corona Virus The travel industry has been hit recently in the UK with the loss of Thomas cook, now the global travel industry is being impacted by the Corona Virus   Howard speaks with Bjorn about what it means for the industry and […]


The Bounce Back Journey – Interview With The Authors

A powerful collection of personal stories, 24 authors share their journey of bouncing back: what they learned and the advice they would give. This book is a great read to inspire a friend, to perk up a lunchtime or to support you on your own journey of change. Authors Nicky Marshall & Sharon Critchlow join […]

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Last One Home – Duggystone Radio Presents

An Amazing Emerging Band We saw In Bristol “Last One Home” We went to Bristol On 6th Feb 2020 to see Chasing Deer on their “Bad Decisions Tour” Chasing Deer – Coventry Empire – Recorded By Duggystone Radio Chasing Deer Rob and Adam have racked up over 1,500 non-stop live performances around the world including […]

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Kirk Douglas – Hollywood Legend Dies at 103

Hollywood Legend of Film and Stage Dies at 103 his son Michael announces    Michael Douglas says he had a  Lust For Life, leaves legacy ‘that will endure for generations’ “To me and my brothers Joel and Peter he was simply Dad, to Catherine, a wonderful father-in-law, to his grandchildren and great grandchild their loving […]

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Discovering New Talent – Wilde – Live At The Empire Coventry

An amazing new young band you need to check out They are called Wilde       On Saturday the 1st Feb 2020 , Kirk went to see Chasing Deer on their launch night of their Uk tour They had 3 other band on the night which were surprisingly  good. The Band Wilde just had […]

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