Listeners ad a track and Kirk counters it, Ross judges to tracks and has bonus points as well   This show was a roller coaster ride and started off level pegging but need up a listener win, yet again. it’s not an easy gig having only a few minutes to select a track to counter […]

Tuesday we spin some Artist Submissions and new music released by the established artists on Duggystone Radio Breakfast Show We like to bring you things you may not be aware of as well as the known stars in the industry, the show will have everything from Reggae, Pop, Rock, Indie its a roller coaster ride […]

Its Friday Then … Breakfast Show https://t.co/zut7LFYLMV — duggystone radio (@duggystoneradio) May 7, 2021

Following a viral video that smashed more than 5m views on Tiktok The Collaboration is embarking on a USA Tour   I do a regular interview slot “A Look Across The Pond” and this one was with a high energy group called Royalty Of The North (ROTN)   Its explicit due to the nature of […]

I Caught up with Keesha Jackson who played Wanda in the hit reality Tv show South Beach Tow   She appeared in the show for 3 seasons and was the on-screen wife of J Money   We talked about the projects she worked on and what’s up and coming, I also wanted to understand a […]

Independent Artists Need Your Support   On the Twitter a few weeks ago Alec Bowman, a folk musician and photographer published his royalty statement. To say it made woeful reading would be an understatement of epic proportions.     What I’ve Been Up To Lately Getting married to Josienne Clarke, documenting St. Peter’s Seminary, shooting […]

Is  The Album Dead ?, it’s an interesting question for us at Duggystone Radio, we’ve seen some changes recently that need to be investigated futher   Its interesting times we live in Musically, there will always be those that will buy albums, buy records in physical formate so lets get that out of the way […]

Low calorie, sins, low carb , high protein where do you possibly start?       I get people RESULTS…       People who are perhaps just not that into the gym but want to lose weight and get fitter… People who think they don’t have enough time to exercise and/or cook at home… […]

February 21, 2020

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One of Music very talented drummers dies at 67 1952-2020 Neil Peart, the legendary drummer of Rush, has died, an announcement released from the band. Neil was 67. What The Band Had To Say Peart passed on Tuesday, January 7th. The cause of death is reported as brain cancer. Neil joined Rush in 1974 after the […]

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