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Written by on January 25, 2021

A Very Talented, Entertaining and genuine Guy – So Who Is The Spice Guy


As you know I think we have a real issue with people cooking from scratch making good food for the body. The Spice Guy puts it lovely

if you had a sports car you would put the best oil in or you would not put diesel in it, so why do it to your body ?.


The Spice Guy is a fellow Mancunian (from Manchester UK) so we hit it off straight away, we have a shared cultural reference growing up.

I’ve been watching Sandie for a while now and he started cooking in his kitchen at the start of the pandemic, he is a professional Personal Chef and has recently cooked for David Bowie’s family (I know name dropper)


This show is in 4 parts but the full show audio is in the blog as well should you want to hear that, it more an intro to who the spice guy is. We had messages like

The Best Interview 

Did not want this show to end 

Love this guy

and so on and so on!

So it was a massive hit and plan to have The Spice Guy on the show every other Friday (commitments permitting) with Jacob Anthony doing the other week and I know we will build on this with other amazing chefs. So lock in Fridays at 08:00 for the breakfast show on

or Alexa Open Internet Radio 




The Show Audio


Here is one of his videos – he tends to hang out on Facebook Live


The Spice Guy Part 1


The Spice guy Part 2


The Spice Guy Part 3


The Spice Guy Part 4


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