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So is DAB going to go the same way as Records, the CD we think this is a genuinely serious proposal and could be a reality in the not to distant future   Its the topic of the business show and you can listen to the show on demand below anytime you like, just hit […]

A brilliant story a very tragic start and the accident resulted in some amazing changes that now benefits many people I saw Vanessa tell her story at a business meeting and simply had to share with people, see we all have this view of drug addicts, be honest you did too. We discuss this and […]

What is the perfect business 1:2:1 to get the most out of, that’s the question on the business show as well as some current affairs news and some banging tracks from:- The Petty Cassettes, The Mirror Pictures and Longstay   This is the Podcast of the show so it’s at full audio quality.   Longstay […]

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