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Written by on February 4, 2020

A brilliant story a very tragic start and the accident resulted in some amazing changes that now benefits many people

I saw Vanessa tell her story at a business meeting and simply had to share with people, see we all have this view of drug addicts, be honest you did too.

We discuss this and how a lot of people addicted to both ClassA drugs and over the counter drugs, are not necessarily bad people and can be a victim really of circumstance and that internal narrative we tell our selves on a daily basis.


Vanessa had very high expectations for herself which were the root of her problem resulting in a self-destructing lifestyle. A cry for help at the lowest point resulted in a bad car accident. Due to her habit, all drugs are given to her never had any effect on the pain. She had to tell someone about it and from there the positive journey began


working in prisons with an addict, she now runs her own retreats that help other people desperate to improve themselves and those around them. it’s a fantastic story so please have a listen to the interview. for more information please check out Vanessa Website HERE



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My mission is… ( from Vanessa Website)

‘To enable you as well as groups of people to make changes by developing and implementing a path that is clear, user-friendly and bespoke to achieve your goals.’

My academic qualifications and certificates include:
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
Supervision Skills,
Working with Families
Interpersonal Group Therapy
Management and Leadership
Train the Trainer.

The combination of my training, my personal insight and intuition have provided me with a wide range of tools to support people from all walks of life to develop in the directions they wish or overcome problems and stumbling blocks to achieve their goals.

The most interesting thing is that everyone is different so everyone needs something different, unique and specific to their personality and communication style.



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