Martin Byrne has been playing and recording since the 1980s with bands including Thule from 1989-96. he started recording again as The Big Boss in 2014 and the fourth album In Transit came out on 3rd September. One of the lead tracks on In Transit is 4.02 to Destination. Am I right in thinking that […]

East17 in the 90s outsold Take That in album sales – So fast Forward to 2021 East17 are still touring and producing new music Albeit its a new line with Terry Coldwell being the original member. I caught up with Terry on my Triple play Wednesday show on duggystoneradio We chatted about their popularity in […]

I was delighted to share my live stream with my friend from Puerto Rico Lets Get To Know Him! The Story goes like this, I am always looking to see what people are producing and currently were all over Mixcloud/live a platform where creatives can live stream copywriter music!   unlike Facebook & Youtube where […]

Stuart Hay a Scottish Comedian, Sketch Writer Who Is smashing it on Social Media and on The BBC   So I caught up with Stuart Hay, a rangers fan that creates comedy Sketches and writes about both of the Old Firms teams. As you know Scottish football is not just a sport, it’s a way […]

In My Look Across The Pond – I Caught up with Actor and all-round nice guy  Andre Bellos We not only spoke about his acting career and how that all came about but also his aim to visit all the states in the UK helping people. We need more people like Andre in this crazy […]

Pennan Brae is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter influenced by the Rock & Roll of the 1970s and 80s. He’s just released his 8th studio album, ‘Lit’. You might think that in 2021 the possibilities of the guitar bass drums format had been played out. In fact, there is something highly refreshing about it. In an age […]

I had to Get Stuart On The Breakfast Show as He’s Worked With Some Celebrities and Some Great Stories To Share Stuart is the reason the whole East17 connection and track promotion started its a brilliant story which he covers how he met the band and was backstage with countless more stars he helped pro […]

I wanted to Understand What Happened SeeingIts Been 3 Years Since Katie Decided To Come Out To The World As Transgender We hear alot about Transgender a Woke society etc etc, A lot of people are confused or misinformed about what it is to be Trans and so I thought I would catch up with […]

What Would You Do If Someone Came To Your Door With A Big Bag Of Sex Toys!         That was the question she posted on a social media life, I knew it was not about that but was interested in what the point was going to be ?. I knew she was […]

Sinead Was On The Very First Reality TV Experiment The Circle – Based On Social Media   So I caught up with Sinead Edwards who was a contestant on the very first The Circle in 2018, I wanted to know more about the show, how she got on it, whats shes has done since and […]

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