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What Would You Do If Someone Came To Your Door With A Big Bag Of Sex Toys!         That was the question she posted on a social media life, I knew it was not about that but was interested in what the point was going to be ?. I knew she was […]

A Very Talented, Entertaining and genuine Guy – So Who Is The Spice Guy   As you know I think we have a real issue with people cooking from scratch making good food for the body. The Spice Guy puts it lovely if you had a sports car you would put the best oil in […]

If You Are An Artist You Prob Need To Check This Out – We Decided To Enlisted The Help Of A&R and Publishing Guru “Sin Crawford” So we all saw the Gary Newman post that he only received £37 for 1million streams? Now we don’t profess to be experts in royalties A&R, even though we […]

Jacob Joined Us Again On Friday To Talk About Food Planning, Making Tomato sauce and Home Made Pizza   I believe we lack some basics when it comes to cooking to feed ourselves fast food and convenience is causing a lot of health issues, so let’s get some chef on to help us all realise […]

Sinead Was On The Very First Reality TV Experiment The Circle – Based On Social Media   So I caught up with Sinead Edwards who was a contestant on the very first The Circle in 2018, I wanted to know more about the show, how she got on it, whats shes has done since and […]

So East17 Track Strip Remixed by 5 & Dime its an absolute banger you need to check out So we all know East17 from the 90’s Britsih Pop band, in the 90’s Take That sold 17m Ablums and East17 sold 18m Albums. The band seemed to have various bust-ups and reunions but we not hear […]

Brimmo Caught Up With Son oF Gerry Francis – Von Francis about his New track “Cry For Help” A great part Mark asks what it’s like growing up as “Gerry Francis Son” …… “He Was My Dad” about says it all   Von has turned his back on his football career to focus on music […]

Artist Name – Petty Cassettes regional winners for O2 Soundwave Awards 2019 Who are Petty Cassettes David Philliskirk  , vocals/guitar Ciaran Gallacher, Drums Robert Chirnside, Lead Guitar Francesco Maria Pasi , Bass/Vocal Location – Glasgow Petty cassettes- Fresh new Scottish band who are true to their roots, Petty Cassettes are making big impressions with their […]

The Breakfast Show on a Wed 08:00 we have listener Triple plays   This show was very varied if you look at the list but it just worked, from laid back to a bit of hip-hop and rock “Whats not to like” we love doing this as brings a real dynamic to the show.   […]

Formed in 2003, “The Basement Rocks” launched their first album named “Turning Water into Wine” in 2020.   The bandmates Evandro Cardoso, Paulo Ladeira, and Rodrigo Souza don´t care for stereotypes and seek to make music for the music. The band started like many other big names of the mainstream by playing cover songs of […]

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