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Podcasting has been around for 2 decades but why is it now set to keep growing at a fast rate in 2020 and beyond The Simple answer is smartphones, they are one of the biggest growth areas in consumption. Data prices continue to drop so it’s viable to consume a podcast on the move when […]

With Over  100k confirmed cases and over 4,000 deaths, things that “The World Health Organization is not telling you’ we’ve also included a live updated link to cases confirmed and also deaths as result from Corona Virus or as it’s now no COVID-19   Below Update Figures for You   Coronavirus Cases: Live statistics and […]

The Corona Virus Spreads across the planet and  affecting global  economic leisure  activities including the music industry are now being affected Leading Oxford Economics experts estimate that coronavirus could cost the global economy more than $1tn in lost output if it turns into a pandemic. They warned that the spread of the virus to regions […]

So is DAB going to go the same way as Records, the CD we think this is a genuinely serious proposal and could be a reality in the not to distant future   Its the topic of the business show and you can listen to the show on demand below anytime you like, just hit […]

Remember Two-Person Live Video on Facebook? Well its no longer an option on Facebook!, people are clambering to get access to the Teo person live video on Linked i. This function is on an application basis as we guess the folks at Linkedin want it to add value to the business community. There is an […]

Franny Treymaine , Playful Fun and full of life – a laid back conversation about this amazing emerging Actor I met Franny a few years ago when we share the stage in Wales for an Inspirational day aimed at people not in work. a group of us spent the day sharing experiences and trying to […]

    Hit The Player Below To Listen On-Demand      Tune Into The Station 24/7 just hit the Image Below Duggystone Radio We’re Freakin Global   PodBlog Sponsored By  Clean My Ride  Simply Spray Wait & Wash  Hit the image to order a bottle     Become a Sponsor hit the link to find […]

The following description has been used many times before – probably within these online reviews – but in this case it is the literal truth. Here we go: if you have a brain before watching this fun rollercoaster ride, please be sure to remove it and put it somewhere safe! 6 Underground – Review – […]

Howard Presenter of the 21st Century Interviewing A Travel Counsellor or on Corona Virus The travel industry has been hit recently in the UK with the loss of Thomas cook, now the global travel industry is being impacted by the Corona Virus   Howard speaks with Bjorn about what it means for the industry and […]

A powerful collection of personal stories, 24 authors share their journey of bouncing back: what they learned and the advice they would give. This book is a great read to inspire a friend, to perk up a lunchtime or to support you on your own journey of change. Authors Nicky Marshall & Sharon Critchlow join […]

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