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Tuesday we spin some Artist Submissions and new music released by the established artists on Duggystone Radio Breakfast Show We like to bring you things you may not be aware of as well as the known stars in the industry, the show will have everything from Reggae, Pop, Rock, Indie its a roller coaster ride […]

A lot of people just keep spinning the same tracks, at Duggystoneradio we believe there are amazing artists that we want to share with you. So update that playlist and check out this fantastic artist   So in July were building an Artist Submission playlist on our Spotify account if we like them we add […]

The Show Designed by you for you, triple plays from listeners so if its crap blame them – my fav show of the week to produce   Thanks to the listeners for getting behind this show each week which i love to produce its awesome diverse and so different.   The Full Show on Mixcloud […]

Its Friday Then … Breakfast Show — duggystone radio (@duggystoneradio) May 7, 2021

So Who are WINTERGREEN – another artist Submission to Duggystoneradio – the place for emerging artist and presenters   Formed in Manchester in late 2013   WinterGreen spent their first 12-months writing & rehearsing before venturing out to play venues around their native city such as Night & Day, The Castle, Gullivers, The Salford Arms, […]

Following a viral video that smashed more than 5m views on Tiktok The Collaboration is embarking on a USA Tour   I do a regular interview slot “A Look Across The Pond” and this one was with a high energy group called Royalty Of The North (ROTN)   Its explicit due to the nature of […]

East17 in the 90s outsold Take That in album sales – So fast Forward to 2021 East17 are still touring and producing new music Albeit its a new line with Terry Coldwell being the original member. I caught up with Terry on my Triple play Wednesday show on duggystoneradio We chatted about their popularity in […]

I was delighted to share my live stream with my friend from Puerto Rico Lets Get To Know Him! The Story goes like this, I am always looking to see what people are producing and currently were all over Mixcloud/live a platform where creatives can live stream copywriter music!   unlike Facebook & Youtube where […]

Has gaining new customers changed over the years and if so what is the best way to get to grow your customer base – Lets Discuss   10 years ago marketing and advertising were all about getting an ad or exposure in editorial publications, the advent of social media, Twitter, Facebook to name two. These […]

So Jack Was On Lightening A BBC2 TV Show – Spent 5 Days on it – The Video has gone viral We knew it woudl get a few hits, however were blown away by how its gone viral with it heading to half a million views on Tiktok is it the image is it the […]

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