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Music Connects people regardless of background, resulting in new tribes who general dress similar enjoy similar things, I just love music



Reggae experts with a passion for brilliant music, as an ex-band member in various Reggae bands he knows his stuff.

DadBoy the master of the void bring you his "Disco De Fa" a range of hits with his dark twist on this show. He is a multifaceted individual and you'll either love him or totally hate him, he's cool with that as he will see you in the void.

Amazing Contemporary Greek Music show on Duggystone Radio   listen on demand here

Ange is One of our Rock Gods and interacts with a lot of bands for her show Ange says ; From the day my brother took me to my first gig – Metallica when I was 17, I was hooked on rock music! If I am not at a gig I am listening to music […]

Lance is the new kid on the block and our rock guru. Check out the The Rockdown on Friday night at 6pm

Also a Member of The Bristol Based  Band Mosaic Chris produces the "Alternative Rock Show"

Loop Solitaire is the pseudonym of DJ & Producer Mat Crook hailing from Bristol in the UK.   After years of dancefloor action Mat has decided to go on a musical production journey to carve his own path in electronic music. Heavily influenced by 80’s synth, wave, electro, 90’s rave. Other influences include Detroit / […]

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