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BEWARE OF IMPOSTERS! This is the ORIGINAL CAPTAIN MANIAC SINCE 1974. For over 40 years, he was drummer and sometime lead vocalist for Vancouver’s ultimate party rockers, Sparkling Apple (their specialty: “drunk rock”, which you had to be drunk to play and drunk to appreciate). Nowadays,  Captain Maniac is a podcasting/Internet radio DJ. Have a […]

Daniel Evans joined the team in September 2018. Dan is a songwriter and life-long reggae fanatic. Born in the mid 80s in Birmingham (UK), Dan was raised on reggae music and went on to play in various reggae bands over the years. He is particularly passionate about promoting reggae music both old and new; so […]

DadBoy – is not only a presenter but he’s an internet rap super Star with several tracks on Youtube This one Space Debris is an example of his whacky creative side totally bonkers   Listen “On Demand” to Dad Boys past Shows the click the link below and also the “Next Up” to scroll to […]

A mix of music from across the decades A great entertainment show     Catch up on Marks previous shows below “listen On-demand” published in reverse order so click on “Next Up” so scroll to the show you want     for the Saturday BreakFast show link Below listen on demand in “Oldest Order First” […]

It has been said before that in some ways Emma is stuck in the 90’s, so having her own 90’s radio show is just perfect! The Emma Roache 90’s Show, 9 PM Thursday’s, will be a mix of nostalgia, celebrating all things 90’s, the music the culture, the sport and much more. The show will […] being sent out with his Dad to watch football to give his Mum some peace at the tender age of 4 Mark has had a huge love of sport thereafter. Mark will be bringing us his own unique mix of sport, humour and music to our airwaves and will be covering sport from […]

Yannis is passionate about all things Greek. Whether that be the culture, language, food or music. Join Yannis for his entertaining and informative show. listen on Demand Below show’s in oldest order first so click the link and then bottom right “up Next” to find the show you want to hear Greek Music on Duggystone […]

Join LT for his knowledgeable musical show, great music, chat and maybe some motorcycle info. Why not drop him a request or a quick message? check out the Biker Shows on demand below posted in oldest order so click the link then “Next Up” bottom right and scroll to the show you want to hear

The ‘fat man with attitude’ is back –  yep Geordie, London and Surreys one and only. Tune in if you dare!!! We had to put him on the late show. That’s because no one else will have him and we can’t understand him either. Having said that, Geordie has over 5 years on the airwaves, […]

Keith Blakemore-Noble is the creator and host of both ‘The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show’ and ‘Winning in Life and Work’. As The Confidence Alchemist™, he helps performers to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths. For some this is Annihilating Audition Anxiety; for others, it’s going from Stage Fright to Bright Light; for yet others it’s […]

Presenter Rob hosts a number of shows including a request show, as well as a Rock Show. Rob has such a soothing radio voice that the Duggystone Radio Team have nicknamed him “Barely Audible Rob”. Rob currently lives in Edinburgh Scotland and has a real passion for quality music.       Image already added

Presenter Eddie King Music Controller . Presenter for Time Tunnel Show 2018 Wednesday 8pm to 10pm UK Time . Late Late Late Show Mon / Tues and  Thursday 10pm to 11pm. Live Interviews . Pop Up Shows . New For 2018 Talking CARS Dealer Chat. Ibiza Chill Show. Unsigned Bands. Image already added Why not […]

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