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Jeska Studying radio Production at Derby University

Cars, Cars, Cars

This show will rock you're world a seriously brilliant show from Canada

Reggae experts with a passion for brilliant music, as an ex-band member in various Reggae bands he knows his stuff.

DadBoy the master of the void bring you his "Disco De Fa" a range of hits with his dark twist on this show. He is a multifaceted individual and you'll either love him or totally hate him, he's cool with that as he will see you in the void.

A mix of music from across the decades A great entertainment show     Catch up on Marks previous shows below “listen On-demand” published in reverse order so click on “Next Up” so scroll to the show you want     for the Saturday BreakFast show link Below listen on demand in “Oldest Order First” […]

It has been said before that in some ways Emma is stuck in the 90’s, so having her own 90’s radio show is just perfect! The Emma Roache 90’s Show, 9 PM Thursday’s, will be a mix of nostalgia, celebrating all things 90’s, the music the culture, the sport and much more. The show will […]

Amazing Contemporary Greek Music show on Duggystone Radio   listen on demand here

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Get the end of the week wrapped up with the Geordie Show Fulled by Jack Daniels   Sponsored by Reading Harley and Clean My Ride


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