The Spice Guy is a Keto God! – he started Keto not to lose weight but to eat healthier – he lost 3stone as a result!   The message from today show, The spice guy said I don’t care what you do just cook for yourself, stop the processed food and takeaways how can you […]

A Very Talented, Entertaining and genuine Guy – So Who Is The Spice Guy   As you know I think we have a real issue with people cooking from scratch making good food for the body. The Spice Guy puts it lovely if you had a sports car you would put the best oil in […]

Jacob Joined Us Again On Friday To Talk About Food Planning, Making Tomato sauce and Home Made Pizza   I believe we lack some basics when it comes to cooking to feed ourselves fast food and convenience is causing a lot of health issues, so let’s get some chef on to help us all realise […]

One of the Biggest Issues facing world health is Processed food! – we’ve lost the ability to cook-   So let’s do something to change that on the station!   Hot the image to find Jacob on Facebook or FaceCook !   This being his first slot we got to know Jacob and also as […]

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