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Following the recent death of Charlie Watts there was some debate online about whether the Rolling Stones should continue to tour. The dates they have just started were planned and had a stand in drummer, presumably with Watts’ blessing, already in place. The legal costs of cancelling were probably pretty high as well. What happens […]

Hello Duggystoners, My name is Les, and this is my 1st blog I am a newbie to the station although I have just entered my 2nd year as a radio presenter I originally came to the radio to play tunes from the huge range of music known as Americana My two shows are The Jade […]

Hello and a very warm welcome to my first blog post here on Duggystone. My name is Richard Oliver off of Oliver’s Army Show that I do live every Sunday evening from 5-7pm UK time and currently repeated on Tuesday mornings at 10am here on Duggystone Radio. When people ask me what kind of music […]

A lot of people just keep spinning the same tracks, at Duggystoneradio we believe there are amazing artists that we want to share with you. So update that playlist and check out this fantastic artist   So in July were building an Artist Submission playlist on our Spotify account if we like them we add […]

The Show Designed by you for you, triple plays from listeners so if its crap blame them – my fav show of the week to produce   Thanks to the listeners for getting behind this show each week which i love to produce its awesome diverse and so different.   The Full Show on Mixcloud […]

One of the ways I’ve kept dog food on the table over lockdown is buying and selling secondhand CDs. You may be surprised to find that there is still enough of a market to make this worthwhile, but in the music collecting world there is.  I talked about the discs that crop up regularly in […]

Pennan Brae is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter influenced by the Rock & Roll of the 1970s and 80s. He’s just released his 8th studio album, ‘Lit’. You might think that in 2021 the possibilities of the guitar bass drums format had been played out. In fact, there is something highly refreshing about it. In an age […]

Every decade brings its new favourite bands and albums. But they can get forgotten fast as taste moves on and new heroes appear. I love looking on the CD shelves of charity shops. You never know what you’re going to find. There was the Jazz collection in a shop in Bristol, the pile of great […]

If You Are An Artist You Prob Need To Check This Out – We Decided To Enlisted The Help Of A&R and Publishing Guru “Sin Crawford” So we all saw the Gary Newman post that he only received £37 for 1million streams? Now we don’t profess to be experts in royalties A&R, even though we […]

So East17 Track Strip Remixed by 5 & Dime its an absolute banger you need to check out So we all know East17 from the 90’s Britsih Pop band, in the 90’s Take That sold 17m Ablums and East17 sold 18m Albums. The band seemed to have various bust-ups and reunions but we not hear […]

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