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Written by on January 8, 2021

Before you reach for the chocolate weight loss shakes STOP maybe just maybe there is a simpler way




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Gordon Frew set up “Fit As Fork” after losing 5 stone (wow fatty), he looked at how people used to eat and applied it to his own way to lose weight. In the 70’s we consumed an average 2.7 meals per day , now that figure is more like 7 time









No wonder we are getting larger, o are campaigns like Jamie Oliver set out to do “War On Sugar” actually the problem, in today’s world food is so available in the west you can eat all day. Let’s also forget we don’t do physical jobs (well most) working at a desk for 10 hours a day whilst consuming the calorie intake on a hod-carrier is not going to end well.

the gyms are usually bursting at the seems in January whilst people queue for slimming world or weight watchers – then toddle off to the chippy because they lost 2lb, then spend the next 7 days trying to get that off


Gordons “Forkers” (The name for the people he helps) often are surprised when it works “it cant be that easy” well its not easy you still have to foreign turn-up and follow what he asks, but it’s not rocket science


It is estimated the diet industry in the UK is worth over £2bn in 2020 with over 55% of Uk adults trying to lose weight, WHY?


So if its Shakes, Slim coffee, Pills, Lotions or patches on your forehead STOP IT for a minute and let’s regroup watch the video and hey chat to Gordon he’s FORKING good!


Every decade there is a different focus and stop eating this, eat that, no wonder we are confused “Is it fat, is sugar bad” and so on!


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