Martin Byrne has been playing and recording since the 1980s with bands including Thule from 1989-96. he started recording again as The Big Boss in 2014 and the fourth album In Transit came out on 3rd September. One of the lead tracks on In Transit is 4.02 to Destination. Am I right in thinking that […]

The Show Designed by you for you, triple plays from listeners so if its crap blame them – my fav show of the week to produce   Thanks to the listeners for getting behind this show each week which i love to produce its awesome diverse and so different.   The Full Show on Mixcloud […]

So East17 Track Strip Remixed by 5 & Dime its an absolute banger you need to check out So we all know East17 from the 90’s Britsih Pop band, in the 90’s Take That sold 17m Ablums and East17 sold 18m Albums. The band seemed to have various bust-ups and reunions but we not hear […]

Artist Name – Petty Cassettes regional winners for O2 Soundwave Awards 2019 Who are Petty Cassettes David Philliskirk  , vocals/guitar Ciaran Gallacher, Drums Robert Chirnside, Lead Guitar Francesco Maria Pasi , Bass/Vocal Location – Glasgow Petty cassettes- Fresh new Scottish band who are true to their roots, Petty Cassettes are making big impressions with their […]

The Breakfast Show on a Wed 08:00 we have listener Triple plays   This show was very varied if you look at the list but it just worked, from laid back to a bit of hip-hop and rock “Whats not to like” we love doing this as brings a real dynamic to the show.   […]

So You Have An Amazing Sound Yet Struggling To Gain Listeners or Radio Air Play     Since we launched in 2017 we’ve had a lot of interactions with emerging artists, especially when they want airplay!. You may see us and other platforms promote artists and think great “Ill get me some of that, ill […]

Independent Artists Need Your Support   On the Twitter a few weeks ago Alec Bowman, a folk musician and photographer published his royalty statement. To say it made woeful reading would be an understatement of epic proportions.     What I’ve Been Up To Lately Getting married to Josienne Clarke, documenting St. Peter’s Seminary, shooting […]

Shania won’t be Impressed, 2 of our presenters with a lot of talent from Mosaic produced this in lockdown   Its a great cover and the Kazoo will its genius, within hours it hit over 1k views and looks like it’s going viral     Give it a watch, a like and a share as […]

Artists are using Tiktok to realize some crazy streams as a result of their popularity on the platform Are you?     Here are some popular songs you’ll know that have seen massive success from Tik Tok   This is the first one that springs to mind its had 1.1bn streams on Spotify as a […]

What’s the story with Tekashi? one minute he is serving a prison sentence, then released due to covid 19 and ratting on gang members. feelings are mixed on the subject is he a Rat or is he justified in his actions?.       He released the track GOOBA , in 24hour hit nearly 60m […]

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