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The Tony Olson Music Project is a musical collaboration created by award-winning songwriter Tony Olson.   Tony Olson The Nashville-based project utilizes some of the top session musicians and vocalists in the world to bring a new, traditional-based twist to today’s country music radio platforms.   Since the project has no individual artist, Tony is […]

Arfon ‘ Harry’ Williams aka ‘Laf’ is based at the Wirral UK. He has been writing for over 20 years and written Rock ,Pop songs and Electronic tunes in the names ‘Maconda &’ Laf’.   From the artist submission we’ve checked a few tracks out and you’ll agree a very diverse range of work, from […]

Animal Revolt is a Dutch indie rock duo formed in December 2019 by Gee Nelson and Mary Schouten. The name is a reference to the novel ‘Animal Farm’ written by George Orwell.   Check Them Out On Spotify Influenced by Green Day and Nirvana their style is a mix between alternative rock, indie rock, pop-rock, […]

I’m getting fed up with complaining about 2020. We all know what it’s been like so let’s talk about the music. December has been a really good month for releases. Normally it’s all about Christmas music and anything good either gets buried under a ton of tinsel or held back until the new year. First […]

One of the “Best New Bands” in 2020 Planet Rock awards coming second – when you listen you’ll know why   We have a number of rock shows at Duggsytone Radio and know the team of presenters will be spinning these guys and keeping a close eye on what they are doing. Classic Rock Magazine […]

We love finding new Talent and this Duo have a contemporary but familiar sound like 80’s reborn “Bristol is fast becoming the Epicentre for talent discovery on the station from Presenters to Artist”  P{hoenix-flare’s tracks will feature on the breakfast show, we like the different sounds on the EP and they would not be out […]

MaWayy is a Billboard charted duo of Emmy Award-winning Brian Wayy & producer Masoud Fouladi Moghaddam known for leading the electronic dance community in Iran. We love discovering and promoting Artist and MaWayy are brilliant the latest single “Calling Her Name” has reached over 170k streams in a week and looks set to beat “Blame” […]

Another Amazing Emerging Artist/ Band you need to check out “Emperor Of Ice Cream”   It’s Alright to Show Yourself’ is the fourth single since Emperor of Ice Cream announced their return from a twenty-five-year hiatus in May with their previous singles all topping digital charts in Ireland. Their long-awaited debut album ‘No Sound Ever […]

Ange Speaks to Falling Nines as part of our Artist Interview Series Falling Nine are a 2-piece rock project from Cardiff, Wales consisting of David Lydiard (Vocals, Guitars, Synths) & Steven Watts (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths). Since its inception, the pair has been joined by several collaborators. The duo, who have known each other since […]

One of the Biggest Issues facing world health is Processed food! – we’ve lost the ability to cook-   So let’s do something to change that on the station!   Hot the image to find Jacob on Facebook or FaceCook !   This being his first slot we got to know Jacob and also as […]

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