I was delighted to share my live stream with my friend from Puerto Rico Lets Get To Know Him! The Story goes like this, I am always looking to see what people are producing and currently were all over Mixcloud/live a platform where creatives can live stream copywriter music!   unlike Facebook & Youtube where […]

Has gaining new customers changed over the years and if so what is the best way to get to grow your customer base – Lets Discuss   10 years ago marketing and advertising were all about getting an ad or exposure in editorial publications, the advent of social media, Twitter, Facebook to name two. These […]

So Jack Was On Lightening A BBC2 TV Show – Spent 5 Days on it – The Video has gone viral We knew it woudl get a few hits, however were blown away by how its gone viral with it heading to half a million views on Tiktok is it the image is it the […]

The Amazing Spice Guy taking something very simple and making it the best The Finished Article   We’ve all seen Saturday kitchen and the Omelet challenge, which makes a mockery of making a quality Omelet so The Spice Guys show you the right way to make one   He starts off by showing us how […]

Stuart Hay a Scottish Comedian, Sketch Writer Who Is smashing it on Social Media and on The BBC   So I caught up with Stuart Hay, a rangers fan that creates comedy Sketches and writes about both of the Old Firms teams. As you know Scottish football is not just a sport, it’s a way […]

The Spice Guy is a Keto God! – he started Keto not to lose weight but to eat healthier – he lost 3stone as a result!   The message from today show, The spice guy said I don’t care what you do just cook for yourself, stop the processed food and takeaways how can you […]

In My Look Across The Pond – I Caught up with Actor and all-round nice guy  Andre Bellos We not only spoke about his acting career and how that all came about but also his aim to visit all the states in the UK helping people. We need more people like Andre in this crazy […]

Pennan Brae is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter influenced by the Rock & Roll of the 1970s and 80s. He’s just released his 8th studio album, ‘Lit’. You might think that in 2021 the possibilities of the guitar bass drums format had been played out. In fact, there is something highly refreshing about it. In an age […]

The NASA Perseverance Rover safely landed on Mars after its 292.5 million-mile journey from Earth, The space agency confirmed at 3:55 p.m. ET Thursday. The rover landed itself flawlessly, according to the mission’s team. “Percy,” as the spacecraft is affectionately called at mission control (short for perseverance the mission title), sent back its first images […]

OMG I was Starving After This Show. Reports In that All Supermarkets Sold Out Of Smoked Bacon.     So the Spice guy did a live demo today “How To Make The Ultimate Bacon Butty” I was dying for one after and reports in that one of the presenters (Eddie) had to stop for bacon […]

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