Back to the Future: An Experience written by Glenn Barr   If we travel back in time to 1985 for the briefest of moments and visit The ABC Cinema, Frogmore Street, Bristol, you may witness a young Boy Scout experience a movie that will change his life forever. Ironic, considering the 151st Fishponds Baptist Church […]

The Crow written by Glenn Barr Welcome to Devil’s Night, the infamous day before Halloween, and also a particularly violent night out if you happen to live in Detroit City! What does that have to do with The Crow? I hear you ask! Well gentle reader, light a candle, huddle in close and prepare to […]

Doctor Sleep was written by Glenn Barr Moviemakers could have gone down a safe obvious path with a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic horror movie, The Shining, and released a straight to video rip-off not based on Stephen King’s original novel. However, other than the dreadful 1997 TV movie remake, they didn’t get the […]

Terminator: Dark Fate By Glenn Barr Terminator: Dark Fate is a landmark movie, in that it brings together the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) for what feels like the last time. However one can never be sure with the intricate time travel aspect of these movies! Indeed, Schwarzenegger has been back (just […]

Duggystone Radio Presents – Obeze Beats We know a lot of people from artist, producers, and promoters we thought we would start sharing some of the amazing people with you in this blog we start with a young and talented producer. check the bottom of the blog if you are an artist! Comp Closes Of […]

Gemini Man by Glenn Barr Duggystone Radio resident film reviewer   Will Smith (to be referred to as Smith) plays Henry Brogan, a hit man that just wants to retire. Unfortunately, the company won’t let him so they send a younger clone to retire Smith in the literal sense. See where this is going? Pretty […]

Old Dominion – 2019 Tour   On the Station, we’re big Country fans! The New Country  Show Airs Mondays 18:00 UK time (13:00 Eastern USA or noon Central USA) We focus on the emerging artist from a global aspect and mix that with some of the established artists like Old Dominion. Being an internet radio […]

We like to stay ahead of tech and trends, so when we set duggystone radio up in 2017 we decided to focus on internet radio and not DAB – DAB is cost-prohibitive but the main reason was we could see voice-activated speakers and integration of the “Alexa” into other products like vehicles, Tv’s and other […]

Mark Weech From Duggystone Radio covered the “Rock 4 Charity” event held at Action Indoor Sports Bristol   The event was to raise funds for two amazing charities that Mark Weech is very passionate about (you can donate below on the links) Bristol Heart Institute (Above and Beyond) Helping  Henry Henry from Midsomer Norton who […]

Like all 3 of the Top Gear presenters Rolled into One written by; Jack Mortimer our resident car “Egg Head”   Hello and welcome to this, our very first write up of The Road Show for Duggystone Radio. I’m Jack Mortimer and if you’re a petrol head like me then buckle up, sit back and […]

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