What Is a Podcast & Why You Need To Be Podcasting


I get asked this a lot, also a lot of puzzled looks when I talk about podcasting. That’s the thing when you’re into something (I am not saying expert ) you just presume everyone else knows what you know.  It’s the same as most thing if someone starts talking to me about stuff they know about being like “what they talking about that sounds complicated.

See I’ve always been someone that likes to learn and loves tech that’s how I first discovered the platform of Podcasting. Oh hang on was supposed to explain to you what it is, rewind kirk gets back on track.

So am going to go through some basics, the aim is to inform you a little and give you a little urge to investigate more. If your already a podcaster or listening to a lot of them “why you still here” to create some content /as you’ll glaze over here.

Right now we’ve got rid of those “know all’s” let’s crack on, ready ?.


What is a Podcast?


Let’s start with the name “Podcast” where does that come from, well you’ll go “oh I get it”. The name comes from when Broadcasts were first released on “iPod” so the clever people at Apple called them Podcast (a mixture of Broadcast and iPod). Yeah, that’s it simple as that.

The way I like to explain a Podcast is this, its an audio version of a blog so instead of reading an article people can listen on the go or sitting in a chair, driving or even out walking.

The mystery I guess about it is people are mystified how people, first create on and second get that broadcast on to the interweb, let’s face it a lot of people are not tech savvy and can be scared to do anything in case they blow the internet up.

As I am writing this I can remember scratching my head about the same thing. How do I get my voice or sounds onto a device I can fit into my pocket, like how does that even work.

Ok, now we’ve cleared up what a podcast (it could come up in a pub quiz that, thank me later).

Podcast come in all shapes and sizes but in essences, they are all audio files / MP3, oh yeah that could be confusing what is an MP3? well to keep it simple is a form of digital audio that’s compressed to allow a great quality with not taking too much space or bandwidth. Oh no another tech thing Bandwidth you know your internet speed etc. So an Mp3 simple means a name like a jpeg is to photos that’s really you need to know MP3 = audio or sound file.

Why You Should Be PostCasting

What are the reasons for podcasting and why you should really consider it !.

There are a number of reasons why you should podcast :

  1.     Get your message out to a wider audience (Globally)
  2.     Remember the Internet and Podcast platforms are accessible across the planet if people have the tech and internet to connect, just think about that #FreakinGlobal.
  3.     After my Second podcast on Dyslexia, I had a Dr in the USA contact me about being on the show! “True Story” hey ill even share the link for you check it out HERE
  4.     Become the expert in your field
  5.     If your blogging, doing social media and add to that podcasting, you have multiple touch points to your target market or customers.
  6.     Have something you can repurpose and re-share
  7.     It still amazes me some of my podcast I still re-share and has a value. As an example I interviewed Emma Watson a fellow deslexian, she was speaking at an event and prior to that I re-shared the interview we did together, so Podcasting is not a one-hit wonder.

What Do I Podcast About?

Well before you embark on podcasting spending time and money on equipment and learning this new skill.  The question is what is your message, you’re topic, brand or subject. Take some time to work this out, why? do I say this well here in the analogy (can’t believe it took me this long to get on in , I am slipping)

Right, you need to be consistent in what your producing otherwise its mega confusing for the audience. Say you tune in at the same time on a Sunday to watch a program like Antiques Roadshow (you know where people bring really old crap along to be checked by an expert and hope it’s worth a small fortune, and when it’s not to save face they say “it doesn’t matter it was my aunties and its sentimental it’s not the money. Yeah right!, ) so you tune in this Sunday to wonder how they got all that stuff there, and someone is cooking on the show you be like hey what is Gordon Ramsey doing the cooking on that stately home lawn this should be Antiques ?. Yeah makes zero sense does it, so if you podcast has to be a theme, yes you can stretch it a little but if you’re doing an informative Podcast series and then throw a comedy show in it will kinda get lost.

So why do you want to podcast is it

  1.     To sell a product or services
  2.     Inform People
  3.     Inspire people
  4.     Educate and Guide
  5.     Entertain

Whatever the reason have a think, my main reason for doing a podcast was to change the perception of Dyslexia. I realized that only dyslexics would tune into that and the aim was not to preach to the converted but to drag more people to my virtual table. So my podcast is about Adversity, Business, and Dyslexia. Why ? well they all interconnect, dyslexics are one group that experience a lot of adversity they also make Freakin Awesome business leaders/owners and entrepreneurs (makes sense to me anyway).

Over the last nearly 100 episodes I’ve interviewed some bloody amazing people. I never set question and I never edit any of my shows (well unless the internet drops out then ill give you that), why do I do that, well it’s simple, I want anyone that tunes in or find my Podcast to feel like they are there me in the room listening in to a conversation.



In Summary

The aim of this was to get you to better understand what a podcast is

If your still reading to this point am hoping it’s all a lot clearer, plus some content that will get you thinking a little clearer on starting your own or going checking some out. One of my fav podcast that got me hooked into doing my own was Ear Biscuit’s click HERE to have a listen to some.

Thanks for reading and “Go on have a look at Podcast and podcasting yourself”, if you want help we do 1:2:1 training and classroom courses in the UK

check out my Podcat (Spotify) here




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