Create Professional Camera Crew Video Without A Camera Crew

Written by on November 29, 2019

Professional Studio camera Crew Without the Crew

Small business owners want to create content that is not only worth watching but looks professional cost can normally put people off.

As technology is developing constantly we at duggystone Radio are always looking to see what works for us and gives our listeners or viewers a better experience.

The presenter team is dispersed across the planet so when doing live shows, whilst also creating a video, it difficult to get another team member to help out with production. We could get a professional video company in but the number of shows and content we produce, the cost would be off the scale and unaffordable.

So what is the alternative

Smartphone’s & laptop Camera’s

Smartphone cameras are fantastic and also inbuilt cameras on Laptops are pretty good, however, if you want to add graphics and have a video that stands out then something else is needed.

HD WebCams & SLR Camera’s

The question we asked do we go for full-on HD webcams or even an SLR camera wired into computers?

Full-on HD webcams re not that expensive but are one dimensional and mean if you doing an outside broadcast you would need to have PC access to power. No facility for graphics unless you use software to add and control graphics or add post-production.

what we thought was this option is too bulky and not flexible enough for what we wanted to achieve.

The same goes for SLR camera as you would also need an interface that takes the camera feed and allows the PC to process and output and record.

Both above options are pretty good and idea in some instances for static studio work as an example and for multiple camera shots, you also tend to need a pretty good processor on your computer to cope with the data.

So What did we Go For

So how do you get professional camera shots where the camera follows the presenter, is able to be operated by one person and can add graphics to the live feed or recording in real-time.

We went with the Mevo camera’s 

Well in the video I produced from using our new equipment you’ll see what I can do and how I did it. I found it relatively easy to operate and navigate around and the result from the unedited footage is pretty impressive we think.

There is a small monthly cost for the graphic interface, but offsetting that against a film crew and post-production time it pays for itself in the long run and well worth it.

We now have a number of cameras around the Uk to allow is to produce on the fly video from events, either for the station or for music awards and the like.


If you like us to help you with your set up or come to an event and give it that wow factor then drop us a line at

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