Podcasting has been around for 2 decades but why is it now set to keep growing at a fast rate in 2020 and beyond The Simple answer is smartphones, they are one of the biggest growth areas in consumption. Data prices continue to drop so it’s viable to consume a podcast on the move when […]

So is DAB going to go the same way as Records, the CD we think this is a genuinely serious proposal and could be a reality in the not to distant future   Its the topic of the business show and you can listen to the show on demand below anytime you like, just hit […]

Remember Two-Person Live Video on Facebook? Well its no longer an option on Facebook!, people are clambering to get access to the Teo person live video on Linked i. This function is on an application basis as we guess the folks at Linkedin want it to add value to the business community. There is an […]

Professional Studio camera Crew Without the Crew Small business owners want to create content that is not only worth watching but looks professional cost can normally put people off. As technology is developing constantly we at duggystone Radio¬†are always looking to see what works for us and gives our listeners or viewers a better experience. […]

We like to stay ahead of tech and trends, so when we set duggystone radio up in 2017 we decided to focus on internet radio and not DAB – DAB is cost-prohibitive but the main reason was we could see voice-activated speakers and integration of the “Alexa” into other products like vehicles, Tv’s and other […]

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