7 Killer Tips of How To Grow A Podcast and Keep Listeners Engaged

Written by on November 20, 2019

Growing a Podcast and Retaining Listeners

It’s a question podcaster always as and want to know, so here are 7 Killer Tips we know work.

Here at Duggystone Radio we have been creating audio content for some time now, we’ve made the mistakes, we’ve done the research into systems, equipment and processes.

Our seven top tips are:-

  1. Creating a Pod Cast that is interesting (maybe obvious but so many fail at number 1)
  2. Add music to your podcast
  3. Sound Engaging
  4. Post your content where your tribe are
  5. Tell a story
  6. What interest your demographic
  7. Interview Other People

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Creating a PodCast that is interesting

Sounds logical doesn’t it, but we see them all the time – pointless rambling which are just sales pitch or are being used to ‘big’ the presenter up. Nobody wants to be sold to and nobody is really interested in you, well maybe one or two of your family members perhaps. Unless you’re a megastar and then you are probably not ‘creating’ a podcast yourself anyway. So create podcasts that will either help your audience, entertain them or solves a problem for them (could even be all three).


Add Music To Your Podcast

Add music to your podcast, why I hear you ask. Well, music can be a natural break in a part of your story/ podcast. It’s almost like a full stop or change of topic point. It gives the listener time to reflect on that section and helps lead them to the next part. Just be careful using music as you don’t want to get hit with Copyright infringements.

You have two options here

a. Use Copyright free music from Youtube or Spotify there are loads of tracks you can legally use 100% free. It’s worth just giving a nod to the creator of the free audio at the bottom of your podcast show notes.

b. Use music but upload the podcast to mixcloud who look after the royalties for you (they fund this via advertising on the site).

Sound Engaging

No one wants to listen to a monotone voice do they, just think about it would you enjoy a monotone 30 min talk?, I expect not, your voice needs to evoke the feeling of the topic to create the right atmosphere and keep listeners engaged. Go and watch some engaging people speak on stage, watch some Ted Talks or stand up speakers etc. Work out what keeps you engaged and try and emulate that, whilst being yourself. We’re not saying try to sound like your favourite comedian or public speaker.

If you watch and really listen you’ll see why people are popular, change of pitch, adding humor or little anecdotes. Practice , Practice and also Practice.


Post where your tribe are

You need to be posting where your tribe is, what do we mean your tribe?  Your listeners will generally be a group of people that have a similar interest in what you’re talking about.  As an example, if your podcast is about Classic Cars then find groups and people that are into classic cars. Go one step further and create a Classic Car group on Facebook and share your updated episode in there. The chances of those people taking interest are far greater than if you posted in a gardening group. It’s far easier to get people with a common interest than trying to convert someone that has little or no interest in your subject or area of expertise.


Tell a story

Humans are hard-wired to communicate via stories, it’s how old civilizations passed on knowledge, some remote tribes still do. We fundamentally want to be entertained and stories are great for this.

Think about most TV shows and movies they are generally stories that take us to another place, time or way of thinking about something. Do you find yourself rooting for someone in a film? It’s the story about that person or their treatment.

Stories are powerful and you will have them in abundance locked away that other people would love to hear, so wrap your point around a story.

What interest your demographic

What is it that interests your listeners or demographic? We mentioned before about the tribe creating content for the Classic Car enthusiast. This is more about why are they here, in that they need a problem solving like:

“Growing A Podcast and Retaining Listeners”  that’s why you are here right?

Find out what people want to know, is it solving a problem, learning a new skill, gaining knowledge? It won’t be about your new product or service we can guarantee that.

Ask your customers or search for what your customers are looking for, whats being discussed on social media, or in the groups they hang out in.


Interview Other People

People might not want to listen to you deliver a podcast time after time, so either have some shows with a co-host or better still interview people. People love to talk about and promote themselves and you should be able to find people to come onto your podcast.

Having a guest is also great for the simple reason they will have followers that are different to your followers, this is giving you access to potentially more listeners. A word of warning we find guests don’t generally feel the need to listen to the show they been on or even promote it. They think it’s your job, it’s frustrating when someone sends you a  message following being on a show saying “Oh i missed the show can you send me the audio”. Don’t send anyone the audio, as that is your content, instead send them the link to the podcast. Also, make sure you do send the link to the podcast to your guest and ask them to share the episode if you don’t ask chances are 90% won’t even think about it.


We really hope this helps you on the podcast journey to more listeners, remember have fun creating what you create and others will enjoy it as well.


If you’re just starting out or thinking of creating a podcast of your own.

We run classroom courses (or one to one sessions) on Podcasting from

  • Equipment
  • Recording and Editing
  • Hosting


If you want to know more then drop us a line contact@duggystoneradio.com

We have Fully equiped Studios in the Midlands and Bristol if you prefer a 1:2:1 training environment.


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