Artist Name – Petty Cassettes regional winners for O2 Soundwave Awards 2019 Who are Petty Cassettes David Philliskirk  , vocals/guitar Ciaran Gallacher, Drums Robert Chirnside, Lead Guitar Francesco Maria Pasi , Bass/Vocal Location – Glasgow Petty cassettes- Fresh new Scottish band who are true to their roots, Petty Cassettes are making big impressions with their […]

Animal Revolt is a Dutch indie rock duo formed in December 2019 by Gee Nelson and Mary Schouten. The name is a reference to the novel ‘Animal Farm’ written by George Orwell.   Check Them Out On Spotify Influenced by Green Day and Nirvana their style is a mix between alternative rock, indie rock, pop-rock, […]

Chris from The Alternative show chats with Party Punk Band Idistroy   The released a new single on the 4th Dec and their new album  “We Are Girls” is out 12th Feb 2021   Riotous live shows are IDESTROY’s calling card. Since forming in 2015, the trio, who met as students in Bristol, have played more than […]

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