Corona Virus Is Killing more than People !

Written by on November 15, 2020

It’s a sad fact people have died due to coronavirus in 2020

This blog in no way is trying to belittle that fact or be unsympathetic to the families that have lost people they love.

The rationale for the blog is to discuss and think about the peripherals of the coronavirus in particular the music industry.

in a recent blog  

“is Corona Virus the death or rebirth of the music industry “

Olly looked at what impact it has been for independent artists, which got me thinking and inspired to create another one on a similar theme.


What its meant for the Industry/ Music Fans

The Corona Virus has meant going to see a band live, has not been possible since early 2020 when the first lockdown started in the UK. People had already booked tickets for Bands Artists and those all-important Festivals. Personally, I had tickets for Snoop Dog (which was also the 18Th present for my son), was planned to see The Brothers Osbourne with my dad (we tend to do an annual gig for his birthday). So like a lot of people pretty gutted about that.

One of my Sons had planned instead of celebrating his 18th in the winter he would save it for a couple of festivals and be really looking forward to weekends with his friends, enjoying what most teenagers do,”live Gigs” oh and of course partying.

So its affected fans of music like sports fans we love to go and support our fav artist and discover new talent, that’s been taken from us.

Corona Virus is Killing the industry, from Venues, artists, managers, roadies, and the peripherals as well, like equipment, mics, drum kits guitar sales as an example. It’s not a cottage industry (see the data from the website below) and employs around 200k people in the Uk alone.

Attendance to concerts and festivals was around 30m in the Uk back in 2018. In turn that produces Millions in revenue for the industry and also tax revenue for the country.

UK music industry employment by sector 2018 | Statista

The music industry is made up of many different sectors, all working together to contribute to the UK’s economy and culture. There are thousands working in these sub-sectors of the music industry, but the majority work as music creators. Musicians, composers, and producers are a few examples of possible job roles in this category.

As a result, the public loses out on the live experience of a concert of the festival, the industry loses out on revenue, and a place to showcase what they are doing, the country loses out on Tax revenue that helps fund the country.

There are simply no winners we all lose!.


Covid19 impact on the industry is felt most by those that are not yet established as mainstream, the people that decided to go all in and make music their Job, these people will struggle to sustain the career path they have chosen and we will potentially lose very talented individuals as a result.

Imagine if in the 60’s due to the Coronavirus the Beatles could not perform and went their separate ways!.

Like them or not the Beatles molded the industry and the artist we know and love today, I shudder at the thought.

The longer the current situation goes on the more we will lose venues, and amazing artist it’s killing the industry, it’s killing our enjoyment our escape the “Live Experience”

like I said at the start I am not trying to belittle the loss of human life but as humans, we are more than being alive or not, Music is fundamental to us as a species.

So can we do anything in the meantime?

The Interim Solution Is Innovate

At Duggystoneradio

We set out to discover and promote emerging artists we thought you should know about, with Video in social media being the main source of people’s Entertainment we knew video needs to be a part of the Marketing of the bands and the station.

So before Covid was even a thing that forced Artist across the board to look at new ways to engage with their fan base, we had started to conduct Duggystone Radio #decksessions 


Decksessions was a way to showcase emerging artists in a way that would give the Live feeling whilst not physically being there, it’s unlikely you would travel from say, Essex to see a band 100 miles away, that you had never heard of.

Our first #decksession was with a Nuneaton based 3 piece band HighLife  

We chose them not just because they are brilliant live,we picked them because as it was new it was a risky thing to do.

We knew things may not go to plan especially live streaming it to Facebook, so I asked Mike Austin (who I’ve seen grow up), would it interest him and the band.

A Massive YES came back so we set the session up and we had a few minor issues but overall it was an amazing experience, we had a small group of people we had invited to share the experience with us.

Deck Session Duggystone Radio

A Short Freestyle Excerpts From The Deck Session

An Original Track On Spotify from the Band

Check Them Out Of Facebook



I want to say a massive thank you to HighLife for another awesome se… t at our benefit gig for the Australian bushfire relief fund at weddington club 15th Feb…


For artist, we’ve seen them turn to live streaming on Facebook, to stay connected which generally ok, but if you don’t have the right internet connection, backdrop and audio capture thy can be pretty hit and miss and ruin what a band or artist is trying to achieve.

We’ve also run a series of “Artist Take Overs” where we allowed the artist to access our Facebook platform and do a session

An example was Mark Taylor of the Mirror pictures which we also turned into a youtube video



As a station, we can’t wait to do some more Deck Sessions and Artist Take Over’s


We did have Longstay planned this year but sadly that had to be canceled, they are an emerging Band from Scotland, they had to cancel their planned tour which included a stop at DuggystoeRadio studio in Nuneaton. However, they created the Quaranteen sessions as a result


So whats next

well, we hope that venues reopen and artists begin to get back in front of fans, in the meantime, we are looking at ways to give the public what they want and artists what they need.

As restrictions life we will be inviting Artists to book Decksession with full production from us

we are also looking to create a full TV studio production for an artist with a Midlands based AV (Audio Visual) specailist company Istead

They currently conduct live stream for corporate clients, but we see the benefit of their expertise in the industry and the quality of equipment and streams they produce.

The Green Room -Istead


Spotlight – Istead

Spotlight Streaming Studio Say goodbye to bookcase backgrounds on Zoom, and those awkward ‘we can’t hear you, you’re on mute!’ moments. Put your next online meeting or event in the Spotlight with our new streaming studio. Spotlight Streaming Studio, the physical setting for your next online event.


We are also in the process of interviewing artists live and creating promotional blogs, videos, and airplay for them on the station and our platforms on social media and wedsite, including live streaming. So if you an artist in Coventry or Chicago we can connect you with a fan base that currently dont even know you exsist!.


If you are interested and want more information on how DuggystoneRadio can showcase you as an artist or your band then contact us


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