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Hurry – Sponsorship opportunity on Duggystone Radio.

We’ve removed the news and this gives you and your business an opportunity to feature on more than one of our prime time slots.

We create a professional radio advert that will air on at least 2 News slots per day Monday – Friday 08:00-22:00

We are limiting this offer to 20 to ensure the best reach per sponsor.

At an affordable £45 per month (minimum 3-month commitment).

Want you get:-

🎧 Your radio advert played daily (professionally created)

🎧 Exposure to over 100,000 reach

🎧 Logo & links on our landing page

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We’re a ‘Coronavirus Free Zone’ giving people the opportunity to escape from the noise.

Come join the movement! Either hit the link – process the direct debit and the team will get to work producing a professional radio advert.

rather talk about it first:- Ring KIRK on 07860553920 Or email

Get in quick as the slots will fill up soon and you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Click the image below for our Lockdown Offer 




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Click the image below for our Lockdown Offer 

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