Do Humans Have Emotional Attachment To Robots

Do Humans Have Emotional Attachment To Robots


Why did a military General call off a robotic test because it was human and a group asked to destroy a robot that looked like a child could not

well, listen to the podcast in this blog to find out, it’s really interesting.


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Some Thoughts on Robotics to think about 


Robotics is developing at a crazy rate and are we getting o a point where SI-FI meets reality, with the emergence of useful robots helping humanity on the military environment to helping hand robots in the home the question needs to be asked. “Do Humans Have an Emotional Attachment”

Its clear that those build solely for sex, yes sex robots, their owners (or even partners) have a real attachment a relationship.




However what about military applications like landmine test, well as you’ll discover in the podcast the commander had an emotional reaction to its ultimate destruction.


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