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I’ve always had a passion for music, early memories of listening to music; as it was always playing at home; whether that was on a radio or grandparents “wireless” (that’s not internet access that’s what people called radios that had no wires), or listening to my vinyl collection.

I’ve always wanted to be a radio presenter from an early age but never got around to it; instead I fell into work and then into business.

At the end of 2017, I saw a gap in the Market that needed filling; where most stations are either serving a local area or across a small region, therefore (in my opinion), there needed to be a station that was “Freakin Global”, spanning contents and indeed the globe.

The aim not to just to play ‘kick-ass’ tunes, but to also create a platform for Artist across the planet. I think that the major stations are controlled by the music industry and play basically what is fed to them.

There is a different way, we’ve created it –

“Duggystone Radio”

I love presenting and interviewing people so my shows include:-

  • Monday (18:00 UK)  – The New Country Show      (1 pm SET)
  • Breakfast Show 08:00-10:00 Monday To Friday

Hey, drop me a request, or a comment guys….. I love to interact.




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