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New Country Music

Bringing you the best in New Country music from around the Globe.

My love of Country music started in 2012 after a family visit to Canada, my folks there had a local Country Music station playing 24/7.

I was interested in what I heard and asked what it was, normally when I thought of Country Music i thought of the old style form the 70’s you know Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, but this was different it was new fresh and I as hooked immediately.

So when I returned to the UK I used to tune in every day (well most days to the Canadian station), so when I wanted to do a music based show the genre I started with was New Country.

I play all the regular mega stars, TIm Mc Graw and the like, I then started looking if there was a scene in the UK and was amazed to find some amazing artists which I have come to know and love. Artists in the UK such as The Shires and Ward Thomas have started to make in roads in the USA scene.


Some of the UK up and coming artist to look out for:-

  • Wayne Jacobs
  • Chloe Chadwick
  • Danny Mc Mahon
  • Lily Garland

To name a few, they feature on my show as well as some artist in Australia where New Country is also a big deal.

So join me weekly for my show you never know you may enjoy this genre more than you currently think.


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Music Connects people regardless of background, resulting in new tribes who general dress similar enjoy similar things, I just love music

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