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The 80’s what a great era, some amazing music and the time of leg warmers, groups like Duran Duran. It was the decade that saw events like “Live Aid” a massive undertaking seeing the artists perform at major concerts in the Uk and USA.

What is your favourite 80’s Track? If you want to hear it, drop Warren a line using the Shoutbox link.

The 80’s came after the Punk Rock era in the late 70 and moved into New Wave and a feel-good kind of beat that’s recognizable within a few bars of a track.

A lot of the 80’s stars still touring and pulling in big crowds at festivals and concerts across the UK.

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I’ve always had a passion for music, early memories of listening to music; as it was always playing at home; whether that was on a radio or grandparents “wireless” (that’s not internet access that’s what people called radios that had no wires), or listening to my vinyl collection. I’ve always wanted to be a radio presenter […]

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