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I get people RESULTS…




People who are perhaps just not that into the gym but want to lose weight and get fitter…

People who think they don’t have enough time to exercise and/or cook at home…

People who are sick of the fad yo-yo diets, the shakes, and the magic pills

Is that you??

I’m going to show you exactly how I made a few simple changes which led to a 35lb weight loss, transformed my fitness, body shape and overall well being!

• No calorie counting (life is too short for that)
• Meals you look forward to
• Daily exercise routines that need no equipment, can be done anywhere and take 20-30 minutes
• walking/running challenges

All workouts are adapted to all levels of fitness so don’t worry about your current physical condition.

If you only follow my advice on food/eating you’ll get great RESULTS

If you only follow my advice on exercise you’ll get great RESULTS

When you combine both then you’ll amaze yourself at what we can achieve together!

Fit As Fork membership costs £20pm.

Ridiculous really given I stand or fall by my RESULTS…

What have you got to lose?!?… literally!!

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