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Have YOU ever wanted to learn how to podcast, but just never found the time to actually learn?

Well, sometimes people try learning to podcast in a “self-taught” approach, where you learn by attempting to master the various components, through a process of ‘trial’ and very much ‘error’.

There are a large amount resources on the internet that can help you start and ultimately lead to running your own podcast. If you are an absolute beginner, the amount of information available and the different advice/approaches can be overwhelming. Where do you start, what equipment do you need? Should I trust this piece of advice over that? Are there hidden agendas in terms of products, software and other equipment?

This self-taught approach is a huge investment of time, and whilst that may suit some people, there are another group of beginners who can see the sense and above all the benefits in investing financially to learn the ropes from people who have already invested their time/effort and energy and have learnt by their mistakes and successes.

If you feel that you are in the this camp and would prefer to invest money, rather than investing huge amounts of time, then taking a Duggystone Radio podcasting course might be just what you are looking for!

We have held a number of  ½ day Podcasting Courses.  Our next is being arrange and will be in June 2019 at The Farmers Fayre in Kenilworth.

In the interactive training session, you will learn about the various type of equipment available to podcast, editing tools and how and where to get your story out there using the medium of Podcasting, and oodles of tips and tricks.

Click —HERE—  to find out more (be quick because the Early Bird rate will be expiring soon).

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