Podcasting Course

“Turning Ideas Into Audio”


On this classroom course, you’ll learn

  1. Equipment
  2. Editing
  3. Hosting



1. Podcasting is hard to do – No we can show you some really simple tricks that allow you to build on

2. I need a lot of expensive equipment – Not true, you can start with what you have from a mobile phone and headset. we advise a mic and headset attached to a laptop or Pc (we supply both if unsure)

3. Hosting is complicated and expensive – Not true we show you free system to use that is basically a drag and drop upload system to get you started

4. Editing is for professionals – Not true we show you on a free software 4 commands you need to use


This how-to course shows you how to create your very own podcast with the Global Internet Radio Team


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because we’ve made all the mistakes and spend countless hours researching and perfecting what we do, we are confident in 4 hours you’ll have the relevant tool require to get started with one of the fasting growing media and business promoting tools.


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