Steve Bonham & The Long Road – Interview Special


This week I spoke to Steve Bonham & The Long Road

Country band but not the country as you know it, they are Vagabinds doing it their way.


A varied background with Kev playing with bands such as Saxon, Steve brings the lyrical expertise and Chris his musical training, but all too often they cast that aside to free flow with passion


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‎Renegade Americana, Anglo-American Roots. It’s hard to pin down the compelling, distinctive high energy music of The Long Road. It’s a swampy brew of styles mixed from both sides of the ocean, characterised by sharp lyrics, great melodies and the fab sound of acoustic instruments being played with p…







Wide-brimmed hat. Long dark coat. Guitar slung on back. 31 years on the road. A hundred thousand miles and half a thousand hotel rooms. From the Berlin Wall to the Atlas Mountains, from the Sahara Desert to the streets of Hong Kong, from the Appalachian Mountains to the frozen lakes of Ontario: a memory brewed in the long simmering soup of people and place. A man who has learned to watch and to listen, to walk and talk in the ebb and flow of meeting and parting. He is a chronicler of the human spirit in words and music. His is an intimate creativity – drawn from the direct experience that comes from getting dirt on your boots; dust in your eye and sweat on your brow.
Steve Bonham is a storyteller, a published author, an inveterate traveller, for decades a songwriter, performer and musician, and an award-winning psychologist. Born in Derbyshire, England, Steve studied psychology and philosophy at university. He has recorded more than 10 albums; two musicals; and several books including A Little Nostalgia for Freedom. He is the author of the Vagabond Philosopher blog. His latest project Gone to Look for America comprises the book A Beautiful Broken Dream and two albums: The Girl With The Rattlesnake Heart and Reliance written with his compadres in The Long Road: Kev Moore; Chris Lydon and John Humphreys.

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