Nicola Creen – Giving Confidence & Inspiring Those Suffering With Bullying and Self-esteem

Kirk Pickstone January 21, 2020

Nicola Is helping Those Suffering With Bullying and Self-esteem

A great interview with an inspiring individual who knows as well as anyone what it’s like to be physically and mentally abused.

Following winning a beauty competition she received a torrent of abuse and trolls online.

Nicola helps people from all backgrounds including professional footballers in Scotland where she is based

Well worth a listen and someone to check out in 2020


Life/Business coach. BBC Broadcaster. Keynote inspirational speaker. Lecturer. Beauty Queen. Model. Life changer. Life saver. My passion is helping people live happier and healthier lives �


Nicola Creen – The Interview

Duggystone Show Ep90 – The One With Nicola Creed (its Creen BTW)

In this episode, I caught up with an amazing individual Nicola Creed Coming from a place of helping people, she is really making an impact and getting noticed as well Someone to watch in 2020 for sure email Nicola Here The Academy     if you have an amazing story mail me   Check out the station too   duggystone radio  



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