New Country Music Show – Exclusive from Bre Hopkins and Helena Mace

Kirk Pickstone June 1, 2020


This week’s new releases in Country Music plus Emerging artists a look at 1998 and exclusive from Bre Hopkins

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Each week kirk plays the latest Country Music releases and has a featured year, this week its 1998! I know we don’t normally go back that far but dome crackers with 3 from Brooks and Dunn.


We love to showcase amazing new talent its the whole ethos of the station, we discovered Bre Hopkins in 2018 doing amazing Karaoke, since then she hit the recording studio and really built on her craft. So when she said “hey Kirk I have a track I’ve not released yet wanna spin it first”

You know the answer YES !.

Its a Cover of Mitchell Tenpenny “Drunk Me”

Bre said she also liked “Bitches” by him so I put that on the show as well, try to avoid explicit content but why not, it felt right.

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Bre Hopkins Music

Bre Hopkins Music, Orlando, Florida. 3K likes. Just a girl who likes to sing! Follow your Dreams, no matter how crazy they might seem!!


The Show Below


(Bre is around 1 hour 30 in to the show)

The Show PlayList

(Bre not on there as not released yet)


We also had an exclusive play from Helena Mace – another amazing singer from Country Music Social Media (promotion Team)

Check Helena Mace out below and look out for the Track release

Helena Mace – Professional Singer / Songwriter

Professional Female Country Singer Songwriter suitable for pubs, clubs, weddings and all functions, with a full repetoire of original country music


We had a few artist submission this week and two really stood out


The Brae

The Brae

British Country Airplay’s Artiste of the Week for 31st May 2020 is… The Brae A Country-Pop Duo based in Hampshire, Alan and Chrissy have been performing in ba… nds for a good few years now; writing, recording and playing, all over the south of England, and never really stopped.

The Brae A Country-Pop Duo based in Hampshire, very rich vocals from Alan and a fantastic Southern Rock feel to the sound. I really enjoyed listening to this and sharing it on the show. The Track “We Were Young” sounds like an established track you think you already know.

We have some amazing Country Talent in the UK to match that of the USA & Canada.

give them a follow on social media and Spotify!


Joan Smith & the Jane Does

Toronto based artist more rock than country but hey its my show

really liked the energy in this track Sunburn

give them a spin!


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Keep it Country Music !!





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