Luke Evo Interview – Show Special

Duggystone June 16, 2018

So Luke Evo pro boxer was a victim of a savage knife attack in 2017 less than 10 months later he stepped back into the ring on 16th June 2018.

This interview is a very open and honest interview, we focus a lot on the Knife crime as its something Luke now wants to highlight as a major issue in the UK today.



Being supported by Rickie Hatton, enabling him to focus 100% on his performance and fitness, describing himself as a “Gym Rat” he trains twice daily and his dedication to his craft.




I just love interviewing, amazing people with amazing stories, this is a brilliant example of adversity. The impact it has and how someone takes what happened to them and twists it around, it fundamentally changes people sometimes the result is an even better version than before. Not that am wishing this on anyone but Luke really had truly found who he is after this horrible act of violence.


this aired on on 14th June 2018 and is on Spotify , Tunein radio and youtube


Best wishes Luke for now and the future. What a bloody fighter !!!

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