A Vegan and A Meat Eater “Chew The Fat” Plant based & Vegan Why? & What Does it Mean

Kirk Pickstone January 21, 2020

So what happened when you get a Vegan and a meat-eater in the same room.


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About Intelligent eating

Do what I do because I dedicate my life to helping others take charge of their health.

I take people from thinking that they can’t to think it’s easy. And I love it.

With a life long interest in the role diet plays in influencing our long term health, I have studied nutrition, psychology and the marketing of food extensively but in a way that is free from bias, and that really is quite unique in today’s world.

I don’t want to tell you what to eat, there are enough people out there doing that already, to be honest, and everyone is confused beyond belief because of all the conflicting advice.

My intention is to educate you with facts so that you can learn and make your own choices. Informed consent if you like – but it makes sense, you’re an adult, so why not understand the facts and make your own choices!

I look forward to speaking to you (genuinely) and sharing what I learned through my extensive work. I’m very proud that I have this come this far. If you’d like to know a bit more about me then feel free!

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