Podcast to Market Your Business –

Using Audio To Market Your Business is a perfect way to connect with both existing customers and your ideal clients!

What Outcomes To Expect

  • Connect With Ideal Clients
  • Become The Go-To in Your Field
  • Reuse Existing Audio From Social Media
  • Market Your Company Or Message Using Audio


Customers are more switched to switching off to direct advertising “Buy My Stuff” post, using audio is a perfect way to connect on a personal level. People that listen to podcasts tend to be more affluent, loyal and more likely to buy products or services from people they have connected with.



At Duggystone Radio we’d spent a lot of time making mistakes, trying different platforms, using software and equipment. We dread to think of the hours we’ve invested in the experience.

That’s good news for you as we cut straight through the confusion saving you loads of time and effort you won’t have.


What Types Of Courses


We have created an online Live Podcasting course so that you can still have access to the skills and knowledge of our some of our presenters, with the added benefit of not having to leave your home or office. (Hurry there could be some early bird tickets available).

Academy Podcasting “Plus” Course – Use Audio To Increase Your Business – NOW ONLINE !!

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We run  Classroom courses in small groups, either on venues that we have organized or at your workplace for your team. Some of the benefits of this approach are that you have an opportunity to network with others in the room, bounce ideas off each other and someone is bound to ask a question you wanted to add.

Normally 4 hours long, you will walk away knowing exactly what to do even if you’re a novice.

We teach you the “How To” and then “What to Do” with what you learned

For more information contact@duggystoneradio.com for a no-pressure conversation.

Our Latest Classroom Course

from £125 (when you grab an Early Bird)

Academy Podcasting Course



One To One

Training one to one has the same framework for the classroom sessions but is more in-depth and tailored to you!.

Some people prefer to be on their own and idea for business owners that want to learn it themselves and we find they tend to want us to conduct a classroom course once we’ve established what is best for them.

Conducted at our Warwickshire Studio or we can come to your place of work, however coming to the studio gets you away from the distractions and is worth the effort.

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Podcasting Academy 1:2:1 – Introducing Audio Marketing In Your Business

Get the most from your content and your brand by using the ideal medium Audio Everything you need to know about producing your own and how to use it effectively to maximize your reach.


A Recent 1:2:1 Guest at The Studio

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