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The Guitar Ninja Academy

Learn to play guitar in the most fun and engaging way possible! Create your own customisable guitar playing avatar and update their guitar, amplifiers and more as you progress through our online courses. Register Now!

Excerpt from his website

See your progress as you gain more achievements, and unlock more stages for your avatar to perform on. You can even take this into the real world and book an official guitar ninja grading.

Just like the fighting ninjas, we grade through our colours going from a white strap through the rainbow until you become an official guitar ninja with the Black strap.

Add friends and complete on achievements, stages, fans, equipment and more.

With our built in tuner, metronome and mini games there is everything you need to progress as speed while still having plenty of fun!

Watch the video to see some of these things in action, and scroll down to start a free trial today.



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