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Sometimes we need to get in touch with our dark side, so Lance Cook bringing you The Rockdown every Friday evening on Duggystone Radio is perfect for all of us after a busy week. Brought up on a hard rock diet of Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne and Def Leppard, and being in the thick of the nu metal movement during his high school years, Lance has developed a passion for all things Rock and Metal – so you’re guaranteed to hear the best rocking tunes to get you through the evening. With an already easy going and fun loving nature, Lance was born to be an entertainer. He has already gained confidence speaking live in front of around 8,000 football fans every fortnight as well as providing them with pre-match and post-match tunes – which are always gratefully received. Lance is always up for a challenge so it’s no surprise that he has landed his own radio show at a prime time slot, playing the music that is dear to his heart. Unleash your inner devil and tune in to The Rockdown every Friday Night from 6-8pm!

Lance can also be found on The Season Ticket on Weds at 8pm and Saturday at 3pm

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