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The Emma Roache 90’s Show

The Emma Roache 90's Show

It has been said before that in some ways Emma is stuck in the 90’s, so having her own 90’s radio show is just perfect! The Emma Roache 90’s Show, 9 PM Thursday’s, will be a mix of nostalgia, celebrating all things 90’s, the music the culture, the sport and much more. The show will include interviews with people sharing their favourite song of the 90’s and what makes it special to them. The show will also be about real life, now and then. Emma has a particular love to the indie, Britpop and Madchester scene, so expect lots of music from this genre, with the odd dance track was thrown in for good measure. Do get in touch if you would like to dedicate a song, or if you would like to share more and feature in the interview of the week. A bit more about Emma, based in Norfolk Emma can often be found supporting Norwich City at Carrow Road and she has her own successful coaching practice, is a social entrepreneur, author and inspirational speaker.

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