Virtual Classroom – Podcast Academy “Plus” – Use Podcasting and Audio To Market Your Business

Virtual - Online ClassRoom

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Date: June 4, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Virtual - Online ClassRoom

Everything you need to know and more to help you connect with ideal clients

Even if you are a novice this course is for you spread over 2 x 2 hour online sessions, step by step.

Session One Is On Thur  Session Two is on Friday (The course cost is for both sessions).

Watch the video below – This talks about the studio course – It’s all this but Virtual – no travel cost maximizing your time.


Use audio to connect in a human way to your ideal clients, it works because customers are more interested in Brands that have a message and are not just Selling.

We will teach you everything from complete novices to leaving the course being able to produce your first podcast online.

We can advise or supply the correct equipment saving you buying the wrong things and wasting money.

We’ve thrown everything at this, all our experience our mistakes we learned from and hours and hours of frustration.

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve what we do and in turn how that can benefit attendees like you.


What We Teach You

  • Equipment
  • Recording and editing
  • Publishing
  • How to promote to be most effective
  • Some tips and tricks we know as well.


“We also have a private Facebook group for attendees to answer the question and give tips and advice after the day”

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Academy Podcasting “Plus” Course – Use Audio To Increase Your Business – NOW ONLINE !!

All the great content we’ve developed and we know you’ll go away pleased you picked us to learn how to podcast “The Right Way” More and More Marketers and Savvy business owners are using Podcasting / Audio to promote them and their business one of our recent attendees has secured a major client due to Podcasting he learned.  It’s not enough to just produce a podcast you have to know how to market it and have all elements on point lets Duggystone your podcast!


Book now there may be some early bird tickets which are limited in number. 

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