The Road Show

So Jack Was On Lightening A BBC2 TV Show – Spent 5 Days on it – The Video has gone viral We knew it woudl get a few hits, however were blown away by how its gone viral with it heading to half a million views on Tiktok is it the image is it the […]

We teach people how to podcast the right way and then how to get the reach our tips and tricks This is a fantastic example of what to do with your podcast, don’t just share the podcast turning it into a #podBlog a cross between a podcast and a blog is a perfect way to […]

Trotters Independent Traders Double Pack on Pre Order for 2020 A vehicle that’s been discussed on the Duggystone Road Show   Check the roadshow out below   The Road Show #11 Del boy was known for his Reliant RegalĀ (not to be confused with the Reliant Robin) added to his car collection with his green Ford […]

Cars from the movies and TV special with Kirk & Jack (Show’s Air Sundays 11 am and Monday 10 am) Discussing those iconic cars and the list is below Listen to the Show on the mixcloud link on demand Tracks on the show from This was us in Duggystone Radio Warwickshire Studio, we sometimes like […]

Ford Capri by Jack Mortimer for The Road Show So pretty much everyone the world over knows about the Ford Mustang. It was a brilliant idea – a sports car that was both affordable and practical for everyday use as a family car. Well sadly over here in Europe it wasn’t sold officially (in RHD […]

Like all 3 of the Top Gear presenters Rolled into One written by; Jack Mortimer our resident car “Egg Head”   Hello and welcome to this, our very first write up of The Road Show for Duggystone Radio. I’m Jack Mortimer and if you’re a petrol head like me then buckle up, sit back and […]

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