Has gaining new customers changed over the years and if so what is the best way to get to grow your customer base – Lets Discuss   10 years ago marketing and advertising were all about getting an ad or exposure in editorial publications, the advent of social media, Twitter, Facebook to name two. These […]

If You Are An Artist You Prob Need To Check This Out – We Decided To Enlisted The Help Of A&R and Publishing Guru “Sin Crawford” So we all saw the Gary Newman post that he only received £37 for 1million streams? Now we don’t profess to be experts in royalties A&R, even though we […]

We teach people how to podcast the right way and then how to get the reach our tips and tricks This is a fantastic example of what to do with your podcast, don’t just share the podcast turning it into a #podBlog a cross between a podcast and a blog is a perfect way to […]

Remember Two-Person Live Video on Facebook? Well its no longer an option on Facebook!, people are clambering to get access to the Teo person live video on Linked i. This function is on an application basis as we guess the folks at Linkedin want it to add value to the business community. There is an […]

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