Charlotte Young is a critically acclaimed, chart-topping country singer-songwriter from Birmingham, UK. Taking influence from the likes of Johnny Cash, The Eagles & Carrie Underwood, Charlotte creates a unique sound that strikes a balance with old-fashioned country feelings and contemporary country sounds and crisp production. Her debut single ‘Whiplash’ reached #1 in the UK Country […]

So You Have An Amazing Sound Yet Struggling To Gain Listeners or Radio Air Play     Since we launched in 2017 we’ve had a lot of interactions with emerging artists, especially when they want airplay!. You may see us and other platforms promote artists and think great “Ill get me some of that, ill […]

The Amazing Patrice Lovely- Hattie Mae Star of Stage, Screen & TV   We caught up and chatted to her about who she is whats she’s been in and where she is going. an amazing lady and extremely funny, she came in character which I was not expecting hey “Gone Get Ya Some”   Audio […]

It’s a sad fact people have died due to coronavirus in 2020 This blog in no way is trying to belittle that fact or be unsympathetic to the families that have lost people they love. The rationale for the blog is to discuss and think about the peripherals of the coronavirus in particular the music […]

Get Your Hands On An Amazing Innovations So one of our amazing sponsors has given us one of their amazing products to give away to a lucky listener. We love what they have created and know it’s a perfect addition to a vehicle, because it’s safe, effective, and fast. What is a Rigloo? Rigloo is […]

Independent Artists Need Your Support   On the Twitter a few weeks ago Alec Bowman, a folk musician and photographer published his royalty statement. To say it made woeful reading would be an understatement of epic proportions.     What I’ve Been Up To Lately Getting married to Josienne Clarke, documenting St. Peter’s Seminary, shooting […]

COVID 19: A death or a rebirth for the music industry?   COVID 19. The blight of 2020 and for most a huge shock to the system for a number of reasons. Most industries (outside of the PPE market!) have suffered in one way or another, our own music industry more than most. Not only […]

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has discussed the way artists release music, saying that it’s “not enough” for artists to release music “every three to four years.” This one excerpt of what he had to say   “You can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough. The artists […]

I managed to interview Peter Donegan in 2019 when he was on the Voice UK, a very talented guy in his own right   Peter Donegan has just released his later track “Thank You Texas” When you have a famous dad people always want to know about him, I tried to not focus on him […]

Shania won’t be Impressed, 2 of our presenters with a lot of talent from Mosaic produced this in lockdown   Its a great cover and the Kazoo will its genius, within hours it hit over 1k views and looks like it’s going viral     Give it a watch, a like and a share as […]

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