Artist Submissions to Duggystone Radio July 21 – Need to Refresh You’re playlist

Written by on July 4, 2021

A lot of people just keep spinning the same tracks, at Duggystoneradio we believe there are amazing artists that we want to share with you. So update that playlist and check out this fantastic artist


So in July were building an Artist Submission playlist on our Spotify account

if we like them we add them to our playlist

they get played on the New Music Tuesday Breakfast show and Eddie Kings New Music Show


Artist Submission Playlist July 21



David G Buckley

is a Dublin-born singer-songwriter, with a quickly growing reputation for captivating melodies and a rich pop awareness. Buckley released a well-received debut EP ‘Different Shades of Nothing’ in 2013. He subsequently moved to Italy, for love, and took some time to adjust to new life in Rome. Now ready to take the next step with his music, he has made a cracking return. “Boomshot” is the third single of his 2021 return. The first was “All Our Yesterdays”, followed by “Lift Me” – which received national coverage from RTÉ News, for its heart-wrenching and powerful message on cyberbullying. With coverage in national publications such as RTÉ, as well as on local radio stations like Dublin South FM, David G Buckley is becoming known for his blend of arresting songwriting, unforgettable hooks and intricate lyricism.
David G Buckley’s music is inspired by a range of artists, including R.E.M. and Counting Crows, as well as contemporary artists like Phoenix, Foster the People and Ben Folds.



House of Seb

is a French Electronic and House Music Producer located in South of France. Born near Belgium, he felt in love with music at a very young age. His journey evolved naturally, leading him to the House Music sound. Since then he developed himself and has been constantly working on innovative electronic music. 
 End of 80’s, HOS’s first influence were developed in clubs. The NewBeat movement was spread everywhere in clubs, and the biggest “Boccaccio Life” in Destelbergen was a huge source of inspiration. HOS was totally immersed within this new style of music. 
 Frankie Knuckles,Mike Dunn,Jamie Principle, were the main artists that HOS listened in loop during a decade, and still today as references. 
 HOS started to produce first music pieces with a small computer when he was student; Later he had the opportunity to perform a Chicago trip and meet the Chicago House Music. 
 The first release was distributed in may 2020, named “Departure” like a start in the music production. He decided then to generate messages with new vibes, including them into thematic tracks. 
 His smooth production style is both highly distinctive and deeply rooted in the culture. 
 If you love Funky Bass, Sexy Sax and Impressive Vocals, the Last Single “Come On” (released the 30th April) is for you. Let’s all get carried away by House of Seb !




Critter Cabal

serve up a rootsy and alternative double helping of hearty and wholesome rocking with the yearningly strident ‘Someday’ – with sentiments many will be feeling as we ease out of lockdowns and reconvene with loved ones, followed up by the driving Detroit groove of ‘Denim & Paisley’ with distinctly New York lyrics that conjure chaotic and psychedelic nights in the city that never sleeps. This New York experience is no fantasy or put on – despite the band now being based in Cardiff, Wales. Singer-songwriter Alex Nagle is a journeyman of sound and screen, originally from Rhode Island, USA.

The compost that feeds their sonic parterre: ZZ Top, the Pixies, John Prine, Plan 9, Leonard Cohen, John Frusciante, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Steve Earle, Joni Mitchell, Roky Erichsen, Iggy Pop, Nick Solomon and many more.

Lucy Racquel and me

We’re a band where the moon never sets.
3 talents, 3 continents, one project. The 3 of us have never met, but you can meet us through our music.
Lucy, Australia is in charge of the lyrics, Racquel, California is the impressive singer, lead and backing vocals, and Me, France, surrounds her with a musical jewel box.

Listen on your favourite platform =>

our website:

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Ciaran Whyte


is a young multi-instrumentalist hailing from Paisley, a town with a rich cultural history. As a baby, he would pull pots and pans from the cupboards and hit them with spoons before he could walk, so it was evident that percussion was in his future. Since then, Ciaran has become a stalwart around the music scene in the West coast of Scotland. From busking regularly on the high streets of Paisley and Ayr, to playing festivals with a variety of bands spanning many genres, he has always been fully immersed in any opportunities that presented themselves.

If I Were You is the 2nd single from Ciaran’s forthcoming solo EP Title…Uncertain which will be released later this year and is the follow up to What Good Does Worry Do? which received a great response and was picked up by the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio as well as a plethora of both national and international radio stations!

“In my opinion If I Were You carries an angry energy, which makes it stand out from the other tracks on the EP. The aggressive, distorted guitars, heavy drum beats and air-guitar inducing solo (courtesy of good friend Jay Fitzpatrick) make it a unique track where my heavier musical influence shine through.”
– Ciaran Whyte



is an artist with raw talent, drive, and passion. Raised in London, UK, Edidion had a love for performing arts since he was a baby and pursued his dreams of being a well-rounded and successful entertainer. Edidion’s musical influences include Michael Jackson, Prince and Usher. Critics, listeners and notable people within the music industry say Edidion is the ‘next big thing’ and ‘one to watch’. Edidion released his debut EP “Statistic” in 2015 to rave reviews, the EP was featured as one of the top ‘new releases’ on the homepage of iTunes. Edidion hopes to inspire the world with his story along with his music.




Singer and a songwriter in the 1980s for indie pop jangle bands Jump on Tufty and The Auctioneers ,mp clarke also sang and wrote for The Trampoline Situation and Elastic in the 1990s. He is currently working as part of progressive art pop duo Those Men. ‘Drawers through the ceiling’ was recorded, as a solo album, at The Hive studio, UK, from March 2020 to March 2021.

Recording of the sister album ‘ Sifted too’ is currently taking place with a predicted release date of Spring 2022.
A remastered version of ‘The Clarke’s Tale’ from 2012 is also in progress. This set of songs chronicles mp clarke’s walk from London to Canterbury following the same route the Chaucerian pilgrims took on their journey at the end of the fourteenth century.
CD and downloads available from






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