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Written by on April 10, 2021

One of the ways I’ve kept dog food on the table over lockdown is buying and selling secondhand CDs. You may be surprised to find that there is still enough of a market to make this worthwhile, but in the music collecting world there is.  I talked about the discs that crop up regularly in charity shops here back in January. The most common stuff on the charity shelves are the biggest sellers. It comes as no surprise that Now’s 44, 50 and 31, issued around the turn of the century were the biggest sellers, as that was also peak selling time for CDs when every supermarket carried at least the top 30. On eBay there are loads of collections of someone’s life for sale with the assumption that their current value bears some resemblance to the amount originally paid for them. Bad news no one wants the Kaiser Chiefs, Now 62, or Robbie Williams ‘Escapology’, for all the same reasons that you want rid of them. No one has played any of these albums since 2 weeks after they bought them in Tesco, and frankly they aren’t going to start now. The most popular discs? Led Zeppelin are still a great seller, and why not. Any Jazz on the Blue Note label, and anything strange or unusual. If you’ve heard of ‘Boris’ (no not him) or ‘The Imagined Village’ or Takehisa Kosugi then do I have some treats for you. Avant-garde music that sounds like an explosion in a Saxophone Factory? Come on in!

Back when I worked in my Dad’s business in the early 80s selling valve radios, wind up gramophones, and 78rpm records we had what we called the “Antiques Roadshow effect”. Old equals valuable, “I don’t know anything about these, but this bloke is selling something that looks like them so there must be a fortune to be had”. Every so often some bright eager faces would stagger through the door with some heavy looking boxes. They made a beeline for me with a pile of 78s. “We’ve just found these while clearing out a house” they would say. They looked shocked when I more often than not handed them back and as politely as possible declined to buy them. The 78 sellers never quite believed me when I turned down their treasure trove, assuming it was some sort of ploy to get them for a cheaper price. At least with CDs you can recycle them, and frankly that would be the best fate for the mass of CDs that clog up the charity shops and for sale listings.

So if you have a pile of CDs gathering dust at home because your car no longer has a slot for them, get in touch. Jazz, Blues, or Progressive and Classic Rock, 60s and 70s music are great, but I’m afraid I don’t want your Now CDs.

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