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Written by on March 7, 2021

Has gaining new customers changed over the years and if so what is the best way to get to grow your customer base – Lets Discuss


10 years ago marketing and advertising were all about getting an ad or exposure in editorial publications, the advent of social media, Twitter, Facebook to name two. These digital developments have seen a massive drop-off in printed magazines and advertising for companies and a move to digital platforms and replaced adverts with Influencers as one touchpoint.


Back in 2010

advertisers to spend 32.5 percent on digital advertisements, and only 30.3 percent on print — the first time digital would outsell print, and likely the last time the two sectors would cross paths unless some sort of cataclysmic event intervenes.


Now 2021

Although publishers and broadcasters are drawing a wider audience than ever, many businesses have opted to cut costs by moving their ad spend to cheaper digital channels instead, leaving print and broadcast channels hurting for ad revenue. Another factor contributing to the continued rise of digital advertising even in the face of Covid-19, according to Vincent Letang, Director of Global Forecasting at Magna, is that many small and local businesses have turned to digital ads for the first time to promote themselves.


According to recent reports, on average influencers on the following platforms will charge:

  • Facebook influencer pricing: £25 per 1000 followers
  • Instagram Influencer pricing: £10 per 1000 followers
  • Snapchat Influencer pricing: £10 per 1000 followers
  • YouTube Influencer pricing: £20 per 1000 followers

we promote emerging artist but we recently propelled East17 track strip by using Patrice Lovely to do a TIktok dance to it

it was on 90k streams on Spotify and shot up to 110k streams in a couple of weeks

just one example of  influencers we turn to as an organsation

check it out


@thehattiemaeMA and nephew @freshboyira1 🔥🔥🔥#foryoupage #fyp #laughter #funny #views #tiktok #tiktokfamous #dance #comedy #music #dancechallenge #xyzbca #laugh♬ Strip (5&Dime Remix) – East 17


Product Reviews

In the case of physical produced there has been an explosion on unboxing and comparisons on platforms like youtube, see humans want and trust another human’s opinion, a demo of the product especially from a trusted influencer is very powerful.

Unbox Therapy is hosted by Canadian, Lewis Hilsenteger. It is extremely popular, with over 13 million subscribers, and 2.4 billion views. Lewis’ videos aim to showcase the coolest products on the planet.



Even out own team know the importance of product reviews and Jack Mortomier host of The  Road Show took one of his sponsors product and gave people the lowdown on it



Radio Advertising


A Staggering  89% of the UK’s population tune-in to the radio every week. So, could ignoring radio as a medium be a mistake we’re all making.

However at duggystone radio on some of our shows, we not only transmitted audio we live stream the video elements and these assets are then reused on visual platforms like youtube and Facebook. This means we have an opportunity to capture those potential customers on a number of platforms.


A great example is the chef slot we have on a Friday, a recent section we are building up which at the start of this section we played the DIlligaf Clothing

The Dilligaf Clothing Advert


The Chef Slot


So marketing and getting to customers is evolving and will continue to, so we all need to keep ahead of the curve with this for sure.

were not only here to promote emerging artists and presenters but we firmly believe being involved with Duggystone Radio will help organizations keep relevant and get “Eyes & Ears” on them and their products and services.

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