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Written by on January 26, 2021

What Would You Do If Someone Came To Your Door With A Big Bag Of Sex Toys!





That was the question she posted on a social media life, I knew it was not about that but was interested in what the point was going to be ?.

I knew she was connected to a mutual contact that had a sex toy business and knew it had something to do with that, it was.


So I brought her on the breakfast show after a telephone call to get to know her and her business, it’s an interesting conversation about her business Fighting Fit” and her being a champion Kickboxer.

She’s not had it easy being overweight prior to kickboxing, mental health issues as well which she shares and wants others to gain from her experience


I loved speaking with her she’s funny and a nice person to interact with, shes also a podcaster and about the start a radio show on wellbeing


She’s on Facebook HERE 


The Full Show Audio

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