Keesha AKA Wanda from SouthBeach Tow – The Interview

Written by on November 28, 2020

I Caught up with Keesha Jackson who played Wanda in the hit reality Tv show South Beach Tow


She appeared in the show for 3 seasons and was the on-screen wife of J Money


We talked about the projects she worked on and what’s up and coming, I also wanted to understand a bit about her life, she talked about her life-changing incident that occurred in 2019. the result has meant she now has to undertake dialysis 3 times a week, most people would say “hey that’s it I can’t work” not Keesah in fact she’s stepped things up.


South Beach Tow is an American television series that portrayed dramatized reenactments of the day-to-day business of Tremont Towing, a family run towing business in Miami Beach, and South Beach Towing, a towing company in Gladeview created by the workers of Tremont in Season 4. Both are actual towing companies in Florida, however, South Beach Towing has ceased operations and closed down within the last two years leaving only Tremont Towing still currently in business. It was produced by Bodega Pictures and Nuyorican Productions, and it aired on the American cable channel truTV, the show ran for 4 seasons from July 20, 2011 to December 10, 2014. The final episode titled “Checkmate” aired on December 3, 2014, which ended the story. A week later, a bonus episode (“Bernice’s Top 20”) aired on December 10, concluding the series with a total of 87 episodes. Although the program is fictionalized,[1] Tremont Towing and South Beach Towing are real towing companies in Miami Beach and Gladeview.[2]

The Interview

Shes Currently Working on a few Project

Including her production company so hit the link to discover more

Keesha J Productions

Formally known as “Wanda” from the hit reality show South Beach Tow, Keesha J has a story to share with the world. Keesha J has impacted audiences around the world with her bold and audacious approach to living life.


Wanda in the show


Theme Song of The Show



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