How To Gain Air Play and Promote You’re Music- Why Alot of Bands Get It wrong

Written by on November 22, 2020

So You Have An Amazing Sound Yet Struggling To Gain Listeners or Radio Air Play



Since we launched in 2017 we’ve had a lot of interactions with emerging artists, especially when they want airplay!.

You may see us and other platforms promote artists and think great “Ill get me some of that, ill send our MP3” thinking we will get it and promote it.

If your next move is to send us an email with the track and no information we will prob ignore it.


However, you’ll prob notice bands and artists we are constantly talking about, playing their tracks and promoting them, why are we ignoring you?

Why Would We Ignore Your Music

You may have the best music out there, however like a lot of people we are busy, if you’ve made it seem like work to us the chances of us searching for you and promoting you is reduced. This is not just true to us but for everyone, it’s similar to artists pasting their track in a post, the chances of anyone clicking on it are pretty much at Zero!.

Avoid the scattergun approach in just sending your music off to everyone, focus on places you want to be seen on, platforms that fit you and your music. e.g We don’t have a Folk show so folk artists prob be wasting their time submitting to us.



Make It Easy

An example above Chasing Deer – We are emotionally connected to this band because they do it right! (read on)

You need to make thinks Uber easy for the people you are trying to get interested in you, make it idiot-proof, emotionally connect with people. In doing so there is more chance people will decide to spend the time in getting to know you.

Make It Idiot Proof, Add links to your music, Your social media platforms

Emotionally Connect, Share your Bio, there is so much music out there we need a reason to connect so tell us about the music what its about what genre it is. As humans generally we like to give back when someone gives to us, so a small thing like liking the person or situation on social media is ideal.

Stay in the consciousness of the Person/ Station, We all lead busy lives, and time and attention span is every decreasing, so stay relevant by interacting with social media posts and release tracks on a regular basis, as chances are we are following the platforms and we get notified of new material.

Find Your Tribe, Humans are tribal so find where your tribe is, e.g if your a country band or artist Monday nights on the station is where you’ll find country fans


We’ve Tried To Make It Easy

We reviewed our systems and thought we need to make it easy for you as an artist to connect, share your music, and stay in our consciousness so we changed the artist submission to make it a one-page one-hit process, the aim is for us to gain all the relevant information instantly into one place. This means we don’t miss anything and removes the issues we’ve discussed.

We do not accept music any other way that through the submission page “we’ve not to got the time” & it won’t inspire us to connect with you



Do you want airplay? Then Please complete the form below. Internet radio


GIve the link a click you never know we may be playing your music , promoting you and helping you connect with the listeners you are looking for


We hope this helps you to move in the right direction.


keep it Duggystone Radio


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