COVID 19: A death or a rebirth for the music industry?

Written by on November 10, 2020

COVID 19: A death or a rebirth for the music industry?


COVID 19. The blight of 2020 and for most a huge shock to the system for a number of reasons. Most industries (outside of the PPE market!) have suffered in one way or another, our own music industry more than most. Not only have events been cancelled but the whole hospitality sector has been shut down, killing the livelihoods of local and established musicians alike. For a lot of musicians, even without a pandemic, it’s a labour of love; with many holding down full time jobs whilst they try and carve out a successful enough musical career with which they can feed their families! Then to the established self employed, such as orchestral session musicians, show-runners and even big name artists, all similarly affected with venues closed for the foreseeable future begs the question: “Will the music industry ever be the same again?”


A huge question indeed and not one I could answer with any real certainty. However (ever the optimist), I’d like to think that once we make it through this difficult period that people will have missed live music enough to cause a massive spike in interest. Comparing now from, say, a decade ago, I feel there has been a slow but steady decline in the popularity of going out and supporting local musicians. Not so long ago every pub and restaurant would have nights set up weekly or monthly to drum up business for themselves whilst providing a platform of publicity for the musicians themselves. Yet, even pre-corona, I feel such events were becoming fewer and further between with many pubs and bars turning to fine dining and early closing to keep the bills paid.

Although this has been and continues to be one of the most difficult times of our collective lives, I would like to share my prosperity and hope that tomorrow we will be keeping our neighbours awake long into the early hours!

Written by:  OLLY MARSHALL

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