Has Covid 19 Changed Things ?

Written by on June 6, 2020

The world Stopped and Had Time To Reflect But Will it Change Attitudes?


The corona Virus gave the world and opportunity to stop, reflect, and make a change.


The early signs are people just reverting back to pre lockdown.


it’s really sad to see what’s going with total regard to disposing of litter and in some cases people using beaches as toilets

(as currently public loos are closed)


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  1. Danny   On   June 6, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    Spot on with your thoughts about this Kirk. Agree with you. Some will change however I fear the majority won’t. Can see this in action already. With the protests on top we’re heading back to the beginning of it all I fear. Heard a protestor being interviewed state it was more important than the thought there was a strong possibility of catching it or spreading it even if others died! My thoughts are ok that’s fine in theory how will it be of benefit if more & more people die in particular those who are being protested on behalf of, not forgetting care workers etc who’ve already sacrificed themselves. Clearly they or someone close to them has not been personally impacted by any serious illness.

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