Have Amazon put another nail in DAB? Duggystone Radio Business Show

Written by on February 27, 2020

So is DAB going to go the same way as Records, the CD we think this is a genuinely serious proposal and could be a reality in the not to distant future


Its the topic of the business show and you can listen to the show on demand below anytime you like, just hit the player Icon

Under the Player read what’s happening and why we think, things just got serious!

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Amazon In Car


Before we talk about the new Amazon In-Car solution lets look back, we launched the station Duggystone Radio and looked at FM and DAB. We discounted FM because you can’t get a license in the Uk we looked at DAB and at £50k a year for a region we thought this was a little expensive and not the reach we wanted.

So we looked at internet-based and what was developing, we saw Amazon and Google releasing voice-activated devices, we decided that Amazon looked likely to win the fight in the race to win market share.

Ove the last couple of years we’ve seen more and more devices having Alexa inbuild, TV’s and car manufacturers havign inbuilt apps.


So we’ve focused on the Internet and the Alexa device as our platforms of choice. One issue we feel with currently is whilst people access Alexa at home when they get in their vehicle habits get them flicking on DAB, even though if you have the amazon app you can listen on the go as well “Habits” are tough to break sometimes.

The folks at Amazon must realise this too so they been testing and developing Alexa In-car module & they have released a version in the USA and we expect they will roll it out to the UK and rest of Europe.

There is only a select list of car’ that it currently works with which is one reason for the controlled rollout. The issue is incar Bluetooth (which it obviously uses to connect to car audio system) are not all the same combine this with how audio works in specific vehicles, requires the system to know how to process in these different environments.


We predict more and more people will adopt these systems, especially if they have one in the home and continue accessing their favourite tunes on the move. With internet access increasing and cost of data steadily going down, on the move Alexa seems the logical move.

It will mean not only will people access their music like Spotify playlist when driving but also the growing consumption of Podcast mean you can flick between you fav playlist and the podcast you like, all via voice activation. Meaning not only a more pleasant drive but a safer one, no messing with a CD player or worse trying to access things on the move from your smartphone (which is not only dangerous but illegal in most countries).

So we are saying if you have a podcast and it’s not currently on the Amazon speaker you seriously need to review if you should be, like most things people go for the easy option. So if they try Alexa and cant access yours they are likely to find another similar podcast that they can access !.

We can see people moving away from DAB in favour of the convenience and range of content on the In-car Alexa device. When it launches int he UK rest assured we will be at the front of the Queue to buy and test the device out.


Oh reference having the podcast on Alexa its not just a case of having a podcast and it will appear on the device you need a “Skill”, a skill is basically what an app is to smartphones a skill is basically and audio App that needs to be on Amazon system to be accessed.


As we’ve been working with skills for a while now we can write, host and launch Skills and provide monthly stats.


Its going Voice activates so make sure you get in whilst you can on one of the 100m devices which will increase with the new In-car device.


want to know more send us a message contact@duggystoneradio.com


or check out our affordable Skill’s with no development cost to you HERE


So is DAB on its way out, we think so




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