Two Person Instagram Live Video : What you need to Know

Written by on February 23, 2020

Remember Two-Person Live Video on Facebook?

Well its no longer an option on Facebook!, people are clambering to get access to the Teo person live video on Linked i. This function is on an application basis as we guess the folks at Linkedin want it to add value to the business community.

There is an alternative “Instagram”, yes those guys at Facebook have started to roll out two guest Instagram live

it works similarly to the way Facebook works.


#1 Go live on Instagram

#2 Press the two-face icon next to the comments box on the bottom fo the screen

#3 Invite someone from your list of viewers that appear on the screen

#4 Youll get picture in picture of you and your guest



Having a second person on your live video will really change the dynamic of the broadcast making it more entertaining.


It’s a great way to connect with others and also share your guest to your followers.

We see a lot of marketers and influencer will use this function to gain a greater reach and add some fun to Instagram Live streams



Have you tried it yet?

Is it something you want to slot into the marketing mix?

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